Beefjack: Do We Censor Games Enough?

Beefjack Writes: Way back in the 1640's, the English Parliament passed acts that would ban books that were considered potentially dangerous. The governing body, in its wisdom, wanted to protect the people from information that could hurt them. Shortly after this act was passed, John Milton published his famous article, Areopagitica. This work intellectually picked apart the logic behind censorship, inspiring anti-censorship discussion for years to come.

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nkakolowski3201d ago

It's interesting to me that video games are now going through some of the same censorship issues that books went through in the 1600's. Shouldn't we be farther along by now?

rrquinta3201d ago

Insightful article that makes some good points...

Cyrus3653201d ago

It's way over the top, i'm not even sure Books back in the day when they were censored as well, faced this kind of censorship or out right bans in certain countries, like Australia, now South America...

thisguywithhair3200d ago

Books faced worse censorship back then video games do today. Back then all that was needed to censor the book was the ruling party to just plain not like the they way the book was written. Bibles were burned just because they were written in the wrong language. Video games have it much easier today as even when the game is banned you can still get it from other countries as easily as you can pick up a phone or click a mouse.

nkakolowski3201d ago

People were being burnt at the stake as heretics for even reading the wrong books back in the day. I'd tend to call that serious. But still, it is a bit crazy that some countries are actually putting people in jail over violent video games for sentences that are sometimes worse than, you know, actually behaving violently.

Cyrus3653201d ago

true enough, which is the modern day equivalent at being burned at the stake...(Being jailed).

mrwiggles3201d ago

Interesting read.

It always makes me cringe when I hear of a 10-12 year old playing GTA !

Pennywise3201d ago

I was never limited on the types of games I played or movies I watched.

Granted, games were not as violent today... but I grew up with very violent cartoons. How is that any worse? You are young when you watch those cartoons that teach you that blowing people up, hitting others, and getting hurt is good wholesome funny entertainment.

Baka-akaB3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

i'm more cringing at the idea of parents not doing their jobs . Not to mention that i've yet to see more effect than tv .

A 12 years old watching reconstituted gruesome corpse and murders in CSI , one of the biggest series ever in audience rating , is ok ...
But because you push a plastic button , them playing gta is offensive ?

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The story is too old to be commented.