Play Team Fortress 2 For Free

E4G: In celebration of the upcoming WAR! Update, Team Fortress 2 will be hosting a Free Weekend for players that don't already own the game starting this Thursday night as soon as the update goes live.

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mjolliffe3203d ago

Not interested whatsoever. PC games are a waste of MY time.

dkblackhawk503203d ago

TF2 for the PC has all of the good updates :D

Pandamobile3202d ago

Console games are a waste of my time aswell.

peowpeow3202d ago

Why even click on the article, let alone comment =S

multipayer3202d ago

Seriously though, what is this a rental? If you have a PC capable of Team Fotress 2, you frigan buy it.

evrfighter3202d ago

I think we could all agree that console games are a waste of time

But it's more sad because consoles games are just a waste of talent....well
wait thinking about it nevermind

I almost believed for a second console game dev's had talent, wtf was I smoking

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dkblackhawk503203d ago

It is nice that is free for people who don't own it :P

Pandamobile3202d ago

What PC gamer doesn't own this by now :)

TheBand1t3202d ago

PC gamers who don't like Team Fortress 2, probably?

TheBand1t3202d ago

I know I'm one. :/ Much prefer a game of CS to TF2.

Pandamobile3202d ago

I was kidding, but still. Even my friends that don't play TF2 (at all) still own it cuz it's hard to resist those $2.50 specials :P

TheBand1t3202d ago

I want Valve to hurry up with that Tactical Intervention thing they announced awhile ago. I've been dying for a new CS (I know it's not CS, but it's probably as close as it gets.)

Pandamobile3202d ago

Tactical Intervention isn't a Valve game.

TheBand1t3202d ago

So it isn't. Well, I still want it. :(

dkblackhawk503202d ago

Only the people who don't like shooters which is very uncommon amongst PC gamers.

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dkblackhawk503203d ago

Team Fortress 2 being free...what are the odds?

Bnet3433202d ago

What are the odds of your craptacular website overtaking this one? E4G ... give me a break >_>

rawrockkillz3203d ago

Ah yes fresh noobs to kill this weekend.

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The story is too old to be commented.