Beefjack Presents: The 25 Days of Games- Day 16

BeefJack writes: BeefJack loves video games. BeefJack also loves the holiday season. When you combine the two you get lots of free time, lots of fun and possibly a much higher gamerscore. As a result, we have put together our favourite 25 seasonal video game levels and maps to celebrate when snow meets pixel and Warthog meets ice.

"Snow was falling like ashes from post-apocalyptic skies…. But that was outside". I've seen a lot of good films, I've seen some of the best the industry has to offer. Without a doubt though, the best dialogue laid to a form of entertainment is Max Payne. I had hyped Max Payne up quite a lot before it was released, in fact I almost anti-hyped it. Thinking it was going to be so good I started to doubt myself that it couldn't possibly be so. Oh what a shock I got.

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