Extreme Gamer: The Saboeur Review

The Saboteur is played by an Irish race car driver Sean Devlin who has been turned into a mad bomber and will soon become the Nazi's pain in the butt. Right after the start, the game indulges you in a lengthy flashback and also introduces you to the game's main antagonist, a German Gestapo Agent Kurt Deiker who fancies himself as a race car driver. The main motivation for Sean comes when Deiker brutally tortures and murders Sean's best friend when they both go snooping around a Nazi Base. To add insult to injury this is just mere hours after Deiker wins the race by unloading a few rounds of his pistol into Sean's tires. The story begins in Paris where Sean is motivated by a hard boiled French writer, now the leader of the French Resistance, Luc,who asks Sean to put his mind in blowing Nazi's up for what they did.

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