BeefJack: Jambo! Safari Review

BeefJack writes: Goddamnit Sega. Jambo! Safari is an amazing arcade game; it's up there with those Jurassic Park light gun games, Afterburner Climax and a whole host of others that I've poured money into over the years. For some reason, however, it was never ported to the Dreamcast. Ok well the reason is probably because of Sega going third party. Still, we got Crazy Taxi, which was followed shortly by a rumour – started by the Official UK Dreamcast Magazine no less – that Jambo was short behind.

Many years later here it is, or rather, what's left of it. One thing that's very important to note is that the rumoured port was actually a three pack featuring two other brilliant Sega arcade games. Jambo was never a game that would've been value for money on its own without some major additions. That is probably why it's been turned into a dull, mind numbing educational title, goddamnit Sega.

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