Heavy Rain DLC Episodes Confirmed

CC: Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere seems to have confirmed DLC in the form of 'episodes' for Heavy Rain.

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scruffy_bear3233d ago

More DLC, wait to see if the game any good

Hellsvacancy3233d ago

Do u really doubt that Heavy Rain is gonna b anythin less then perfection

I shall buy all the dlc 4-it i know a winner when i see 1

_insane_gamer_3233d ago

As long as they don't send out the episodes within the first month or two after release then it'll be a success. Otherwise it's going to frustrate gamers.

Guido3233d ago

I thought the point of the game was to play it through once and feel the reality entwined in the game. Event he dev said they would like to see people play the game through only once to get the feel of what reality would be like if it were in the world of Heavy Rain. DLC seems to conflict with this concept.

Montrealien3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

I am getting tired of these publishers nickle and diming us, I thought sony was above it all. It should all come with the disc. Its just a sign of lazy devs not completing the game for launch imho, btw how many years has this game is development?

I mean I love Farenheit and I am expecting Heavy Rain to be one amazing experience, but this game is taking forever and now they are telling us that it wont all be available at launch?

sack_boi3233d ago

The game isn't even out yet and they're already talking about DLC. Wow

SnuggleBandit3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

I agree that devs shouldn't nickel and dime us like releasing content that's already done when the game ships, but Heavy Rain is a tad different. There's no multiplayer, so its not like it map packs that they could have already had in the game, its going to be like side-stories that maybe didn't fit well in the original story, or are add-ons to the main plot. And they also have to have incentive for people to keep the game and not re-sell it (or who will just rent it).

ape0073233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

that hhg video got me SOLD

day 1 buy(hehe lol day -9 here in ksa xD,we get games early)

omg 2010 omg

my wallet is starting to cry even before 2010

it's dec 16 today,I can see the dawn of 2010


heavy rain and alan wake,can you imagine that,I just can't

"head explodes"

off topic:my sixth sense tells me that R* is going to reveal agent soon

Guido3233d ago

The quote from David Cage about playing the game only once.

It would seem that with DLC, if this game is supposed to be close to real life, DLC would counter act the idea of reality in a gaming world.

ThanatosDMC3233d ago

I hope it'll be free... i'll be broke soon.

ginsunuva3233d ago

They'll proabably be side-stories of people that have little relevance with the main story, so it would seem weird being part of the full game.

kewlkat0073233d ago

Welcome to this Generation of console makers an devs.

McMee3233d ago

Maybe QD should release the game before focusing too hard on the dlc, I definitely dont want dlc a month after the game comes out, dlc yes but I really want this game to be excellent.

meepmoopmeep3233d ago

yeah, i'm not a fan of this DLC stuff this gen but it seems it's become the norm and will continue to be so after this gen >:O

sikbeta3233d ago

This game is going to be Amazing, despite being a new game totally different from what we have now and some other crew saying "iz a moviez"

rockleex3233d ago

They said they'll likely release more episodic contents.

They DID NOT say that you have to pay for it, at least not yet.

For example, Uncharted 2 and Burnout offered free DLC before they offered priced DLC.

Of course, they can't just give away too much free stuff. But I'm sure the first few episodes will be free, simply to add longevity to the game. Then the next ones will cost because obviously they don't want to lose money.

pimpmaster3233d ago

im skeptical about this dlc. its taken them 5 years and the game still isnt out , i dont see them making DLC in a cost efficient mannor. this game isnt going to sell either cause its not a popular genre itll sell less than LBP and KZ2. what their doing is some awesome stuff but come on this shoulda been out 2 years ago. how long can this really even be its just a bunch of cutscenes when u think about it.

beardpapa3233d ago

oh eff that. That's what I hate about "episodes" because surely they're gonna charge us $9.99 for it and it'll be less gameplay than Gay Tony.

What are they gonna do? Shaft us with three different stories/characters regarding the killer and then give us the ultimate experience in form of dlc? I wouldn't mind if I could somehow trade in the game AND dlc for my money's worth but sadly you can't do that with dlc.

Reminds me of EA when DAorigins came out and Warden's Keep DLC was the shortest DLC I've ever played and for an arm's price in respect to the amount of content it had.

Lifendz3233d ago

I want them to keep giving more of the good stuff. Can't wait for it.

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ruleroftekken3233d ago

So excited about this game. I'll be 18 when it's released as well xD

Valay3233d ago

Then you can get it legally!

dpdvxkpizbnwg3233d ago

Quantic say it's a game for adults. That won't stop teens from 13-16 buying it. They have parents over 18! Well, some of the UK have parents over 18 :P

monkey6023233d ago

It's my bithday on HR's release too :)
Except I'll be 21

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UltimateSin3233d ago

Gonna get this day one. But why announce DLC at this time, months before the game comes out? You can out it on disc if you announce it now. Hopefully there isn't an article like 'DLC Already on Disc' like RE5 and Brutal Legend had done.

Redempteur3233d ago

Lol this in another way to discourage rental..

BUY IT , don't rent it !

i'll buy it of course since the dlc they were working for was about side stories ( before or after the main story )

so everything's cool in my book

hitthegspot3233d ago

They are trying to prevent the second hand market, by causing speculation...

kevco333233d ago

I call "lame".

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of Heavy Rain, I enjoyed Farhenheit (Indigo Prophecy) too, but there's two separate principles at work here. If you're trying to make an interactive filmic experience, deliver it in the Hollywood mould - blockbuster and blockbuster sequel. We don't want the TV spin-off.

mjolliffe3233d ago

Ahh you could have a point there. I never thought of it like that.

Maybe it's Sony's pay-back for the GTA Episodes on 360.

3233d ago
ape0073233d ago

2010 has all types of games,why won't just try to get with it,maybe this game gonna influence devs

and btw I played some of indego prophecy and I can tell you it was one of those experiences that you'll never forget,it's REAL and now with ps3,it's even REALER

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