Army of Two: The 40th Day Demo Details

Playstationblog Europe writes: Hi everyone! I'm Spenser Norrish, the Community Coordinator for Army of Two, and couldn't be happier to be announcing the upcoming release of our demo :)

The demo for Army of Two: The 40th day will be available as a free download via the PlayStation Network on December 17th for the PS3 and on January 14th for the PSP. The PS3 demo includes most of the first level in the game, where the iconic two-man private military team of Salem and Rios find themselves trapped in Shanghai as it falls under attack. You will be able to experience the focused co-operative action online with a friend or via split screen and, maybe most importantly, you'll get a taste for the unparalleled weapon customization…although you may be disappointed to hear that you won't be able to unlock the zebra print this early in the game…

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WildArmed3205d ago

yay. Gotta love Ao2.
Can't wait to try this demo