360 Live iPhone app re-released for free

After first releasing the 360 Live iPhone app for $1.99 and being griped at by Microsoft for it not complying with their agreements, creator Xavier Larrea has released a free version on the iTunes App Store. You can now view and reply to messages and see which friends are signed into xbox live via your iphone with this app.

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D4RkNIKON3137d ago

TBH I wish there was something like this for PS3 on the iphone. This is a really cool app, being able to see who is online and even send messages is a really cool feature.

red2tango3136d ago

Aren't Microsoft and Apple competitors?

Eiffel3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Yes, but they both rely on one another. Hell Apple almost went bankrupt around the late 90's and to avoid a business monopoly, Microsoft donated money to keep them up. Apple and Microsoft have a love/hate relationship in business.

Each is smart enough to know what benefits them and keeps them alive, even if it means helping the competition.

This is just a application made by a third party to support iphone users who own 360's. It's free under Microsofts Use And Terms Rights. The third party is allowed to keep this released as long as no profit is gained.

Theoneneo813136d ago

you do know Microsoft makes Office for mac don't you? MS been making ssoftware for years besides this is a dev made not from ms anyway 3rd party dev

Theoneneo813136d ago

The app is nice itself it can be slow loading at times but I enjoy it cause its the only one that i can message in the app with out getting safari to load now if they add push notifications this app will be amazing!

tyrok3k3136d ago

They need to port this to Blackberry.