Alien Breed Evolution Pricing Error

Team 17 has announced there is a pricing error in the listing for Alien Breed Evolution, released today on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

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Leord3078d ago

Well at least it's really lower than it should be, rather than the other way around! :)

Fyzzu3078d ago

Should be lower than it is, you mean? If it was lower than it should be, I'd be rushing off to pick it up now :)

Dorjan3078d ago

Heh, surely it is just an entry in the DB?

Fyzzu3078d ago

Seriously? 800 points? Nice. I expected this to be more. Definitely one to pick up over Christmas, I think :)

Maticus3078d ago

Shouldn't take long to fix should it?

AndyA3078d ago

Absolutely loved the original. Now, if only there was a remake of the Chaos Engine on the way...

Fyzzu3078d ago

I would adore that. It's not impossible, surely? I mean, Speedball 2 got ported over, and they're both Bitmap Brothers games. Surely someone can get the rights and update Chaos Engine into 3D with twin-stick controls...

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