Should Infinity Ward pander to the PC audience?

GamerZines: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the best games of the year whatever platform you play it on, but it's fair to say that the PC port was missing a few key features.

However according to Mr Bowling they may be about to get a helping hand, "there may be some mod tool news coming in the future", said Infinity Ward's chatterbox.

GamerZines investigates what this announcement may mean for the future of the multiplayer on PC and asks the question:

Should Infinity Ward cut their losses or try to recapture their lost PC audience?

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Letros2987d ago

with dedicated servers, mods, PB, if you want all the console matchmaking-high ping-listen server-lag-host migration-crap go buy it for a console.

And who needs IW when there's DICE.

tdrules2987d ago

and Valve, can't knock Coounter Strike Source, TF2 or the Battlefield series in the slightest.

2987d ago
Guido2987d ago

Why? The PC crowd buys so few a copies that they could cut their losses and make it console specific and more than likely not lose any sleep over it.

tdrules2987d ago

how do you know how much it sold, I'm pretty sure Steam don't reveal sales numbers, which is where most would have purchased the PC version.

also the PC crowd made COD what it is today, with the amount of support and popularity leading to IW deciding to let console users in on the action by providing a COD game with less features, whilst keeping PC version fulfilling.

however, as soon as M$ got involved with advertising MW2, and the whole one game a year idea, it all went to buggery.

so yeah, you wonder why the PC crowd blame the console crowd, after they took the game away, removed features and expected PC owners to put up with it.

its like Guitar Hero going Wii exclusive so the PS3/360 no longer have weekly song updates.

evrfighter2987d ago

yep bf2 is a non-steam game and it sold 1.5mil in its first month.

Destroying Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2.

Why DICE decided to make a console only game is beyond me. But they learned their lesson and now hold PC gamers in higher regard then console gamers.

I forgive them.

mrv3212987d ago

PC gamers buy so few copies because thye buy them online. NPD doesn't count onlnie retialers if they did you'd be surprised.

Also... MW2 sold poorly because it's a poor PC game, I enjoyed the console game but the PC community have gotten to a higher standard of dedicated servers, modding and free support.

Guido2987d ago

"also the PC crowd made COD what it is today"

If that were the case then MW2 would have never happened. Sorry, but due to major piracy and few sales with COD4, Infinity Ward decided to lean in favor of the consoles. Tell me about the sales for PC and I will say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In other words, MW2 reflects console gaming and at the same time shows a complete neglect for PC gamers. So you can say what you want but the PC influence over Infinity Wards games is done and over and the consoles are in charge now.

Hating on me for this is silly, I am simply telling it how it is.

tdrules2986d ago

you know nothing, sales?
i already explained that, the only PC sales listed so far are retail, and in the PC scene most go for Steam, but you wouldnt know.

and wow, you actually care about sales for an online majority game.
well, how come you do not bat an eyelid when an online game on console RARELY lasts longer than 2 years due to developer support, why do you not care that consoles still suffer from a minimum of 100 ping.

well there you go, NO ONE is benefiting from this decision, and once you realise that maybe youll stop running your mouth about a section of gaming you know absolutely nothing about.
go back to your bros on live yah

Guido2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Let me spell it out...

If COD4 would have sold well on the PC and pirating was low, Infinity Ward would have continued to support the PC... Since the sales were too low, and piracy was at its highest for COD4, Infinity Ward switched to the console model of development knowing they would make more money... And telling from initial sales, IW did the right thing for their own pocket books.

Like it, hate it, disagree with it... It matters not. This is just how it is.

As for ping, if everybody in the lobby has the same ping, 100 or 40ms, it would seem to me that the game is still on a level playing field for each of the players in that lobby so 100 or 40 matters not. Just saying, this is how it is and pitching a fit about it just seems silly at this point in the game.

Motion2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Eh, not everyone has the same ping. Its referred to as host advantage. Thats what happens when you take out dedicated servers. And its not like everyone is upset because IW should have gone above and beyond previous iterations "pandering" to them (though possibly they should have), they are upset because they stripped out fundamental features and jacked up the price.

Letros2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

How do you explain the millions of copies that Valve has sold on PC?

PC gamers have high standards, probably directly related to the average age of the user(I'm not calling you a child, its not directed at you) with companies that care about their product, and give the consumer exactly what they expect, sales come through.

This also might be a time of genre switching for PC users, PC has always been about RTS/FPS/Online, maybe FPS is going to consoles like you claim, but then the Valve game anomaly sticks out again. I know one game each in those other two genres I listed that will sell near 10 million combined next year...

And you're contradicting yourself, you stated "Why? The PC crowd buys so few a copies..." and "Infinity Ward switched to the console model of development knowing they would make more money... And telling from initial sales, IW did the right thing for their own pocket books."

What your trying to say, is that IW integration of Steamworks/VAC filled their pocket books, not forcing people to use listen servers(see L4D2), I'm betting it took MORE time/money to setup for PC than to rehash D servers from CoD4 code.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2986d ago

From the stuff your coming out with i assume all your opinions are based on snippets of information you've heard from other people. You say COD4 piracy was a major problem, but i doubt very few who did pirate it would have bought it due to the lack of any decent online and difficulty of finding virus free cracked servers if you do pirate it.

And tbh i dont know why your sticking up for the game. It really isnt that good.

paul03882986d ago

Just because you can't afford a decent gaming computer doesn't give you the right to bash pc gamers. If you actually tried it you may like it.

evrfighter2986d ago

"If COD4 would have sold well on the PC and pirating was low, Infinity Ward would have continued to support the PC..."

Sounds like someone knows the numbers of steam's cod4 sales. Alright let's hear it Guido. Let's hear how many copies sold where a HUGE majority of pc gamers buy their games.

We're all interested. How many copies did cod4 sell on Steam since you're so sure of yourself you surely must know right?

theunknown2986d ago

There's no f*cking excuse; it doesn't cost that many dimes to add leaning and a MP system that YOUR customers are willing to lose a arm and a leg to keep afloat. For pete's sake, they earned more money then before so it's very doubtful adding mod tools too would have costed them much to begin with. I don't care what they're excuse with MW3's PC version if they're going to pull the same sh*t considering that with MW2's success, "budget" no longer exists.

Not to mention the legit servers outweighs the cracked one (that 60% report was BS anyways)

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themyk2987d ago

i don't play this on pc i play it on ps3. that being said i think the campaign is good so far. i'm about 2/3 through on veteran.

anyways i think it sucks that they screwed over the pc crowd.

but i also think it's the second best first person shooter of the year. being as how killzone2 destroyed it in every aspect.IMO.

and another thing. i've yet to see a single glitch in mw2. no javalin glitch no infinate ammo glitch. no elevator gliches, nothing. i know their out there, i'm just glad i haven't had to quit a match out of frustration because of cheaters. i've only seen the youtube vids. and i think it sucks. but you pc guys are use to crazy mods and cheats so what ever.

Saryk2987d ago

That was the reason for dedicated servers. I have seen cheaters from time to time in the PC versions of MW and Waw. But admins usually get rid of them.

Rowsdower2987d ago

how about gaming blogs pander to their readers instead of to their hit counters

I want news damn it, there was no investigation here just speculation

themyk2987d ago

while i agree with you. theres just not new news to report everyday in the gameing world.

and people have to keep their sites afloat.

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