PlayDevil: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS3 review - The killer app for your PS3?

PlayDevil has posted a review of probably the biggest and best PS3 title of 2009, "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves".

Here's a snip:

"Initial impressions of Uncharted 2 are incredible. The lead character, Nathan Drake awakes on a train, bleeding and disorientated. It's a interesting way to throw the player into the action with a similar situational awareness to that of the protagonist without relying on the 'amnesia' plot line so many games seem to fallback on.

Talking of falling back, as Nathan starts to come to his senses he notices not all is as it should be, with the most pressing abnormality being gravity doesn't seem to be going the right way. The chair Nathan is sat in buckles under his weight and he falls through the carriage barely managing to find a handhold to save himself from the drop down the side of the cliff the train is swinging precariously over."

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ape0073163d ago

ps3 game ever and one of the best games in this generation and a worthy game of the year winner

you got to play this,you need to play this game,get a ps3 alone for it

I give it 95 out of 100

and gfx are insane,I've never seen environments look this good or this detailed,also the ART IS AWESOME

and.....SULLY RULZZ he is the best uncharted character ever,he is so underrated,sully is the man

WildArmed3163d ago

It's a tie between Eddy Raja And Sully for me =p lol


newayz, it's one of the best game I've played in 09.
Sony has been throwing 'killer apps' since '08 n before. I dont know why people keep bring up 'THE killer app for UR PS3!?'

happy_gilmore3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

giving this game a 93 just to lower the metacritic rating

hoping to drop it down to failo 3's 94 rating

GamerKnights3162d ago

Haha, that's funny!

Our overall score is based on all our other scores, NOT to bring down the Metacritic rating at all.