ESRB reveals Mass Effect 2's sexual contents

The ESRB has revealed the sexual contents that will be in the upcoming PC and Xbox 360 game, Mass Effect 2.

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RememberThe3573135d ago

it's basically the exact same thing as in the first Mass Effect? Que Fox News, they're going to be pissed :)

Bungie3135d ago

i hope there's real time gameplay in the scene :)

Kreyg3135d ago

Fox news is ready for January 26th. They're gonna have Bill O'Riley on the scene to tell anyone who disagrees with Fox to SHUT UP and that they are Unpatriotic.

blizzard_cool3135d ago

I still don't know why they make such fuss about this? Ain't there something more important then sex in game? oh I don't know, maybe, just maybe world hunger or something like that?

ThanatosDMC3135d ago

Sweet! I cant wait to have my way with a Krogan, Hanar, Volus, and that other alien race that communicates by scent or whatever.

Tony P3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

W/e man. It sounds completely neutered for the kids as usual.

Right now, I have a hard time buying BioWare's "pushing boundaries" bravado after Dragon Age imo failed so spectacularly to do so.

For people who don't get it... yes, I like series. But I don't like handling the thing with kid's gloves.

toaster3135d ago

@ blizzard_cool
Because the people at FOX are a pack of idiots. But I won't waste my energy slamming them.

@ Bungie
lol Interactive sex-scene. That would be interesting, but then every single person who cares enough to make a big deal about it will make a big deal about it and then the whole "sex in videogames scars children for life" argument will come up. Hopefully people will realize that this game will get an "M" rating for a reason.

Also, the sex scenes/relationships are optional and completely avoidable (I think. This was the case in the first Mass Effect)so I see no reason why people should be complaining.

camachoreloaded88063134d ago

that busty milf on the cover holding a gun, count me in!

Marceles3134d ago

They're probably gonna bring in the same guy that couldn't defend MW2.

"Uhhh....err....well yes they shoot everyone in the airport but uh....hmm...but uh............" (awkward pause)

SilentNegotiator3134d ago

You wouldn't know what buttons to push :P

Bob Dole3134d ago

I'm sure it's nothing compared to the Fallout 3 mod on PC... you ever seen a chick get powerfist-fu(ked in the ass? It's hilarious to say the least.

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conniec3135d ago

sounds like the same game - tame, tame stuff. like how ESRB describes it without the fanfare. if Fox strikes, they'll look ridiculous sensationlizing the "space furniture."

devilhunterx3135d ago

How about the talking comment? ESRB should put the level of talking in a video game on the sticker.

Mass Effect had more talk talk than all the MGS combined.

Bob Dole3134d ago

In MGS you could skip the cutscenes in their entirety. You couldn't skip the talking in Mass Effect. Sure you could speed it up but you definitely couldn't skip it. Besides the talking makes the game fun. Bob Dole talked the last boss in the game to off himself and didn't even have to fight him.

devilhunterx3134d ago

Mass Defect has the best elevator music ever = more talking.

Pirateogta3134d ago

Space furniture and ceilings?


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