Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Trailer

PS3 Attitude: "Weird names, explosions in outer space, and kick ass music. What more could you ask for?"

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piroh3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

sweet 2010:

3D dot game heroes
FF vs 13
FF 14
Star ocean 4 advanced version
Tales of vesperia advanced version
Trinity universe
Trinity souls of zillol
White knight chronicles
Last rebellion
Atelier rorona
Ar tonelico
...and some unannounced RPGs (i thing Magna carta will come to PS3 as well)

next year 1 RPG per month

BTW, tomorrow FF13 will launch in japan. good night xbox

Noctis Aftermath3202d ago

I wouldn't count on FFVersus13 being a 2010 release.

The Great Melon3202d ago

If FFvXIII came in 2010, that would just make my year for gaming.

Chris3993202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

WKC 2 is already in production, though we won't see it for several years on these shores (and only if you ppl buy the first one dammit! :P)

I wouldn't be surprised if Magna Carta 2 get's announced as a port soon, on account of it's dismal sales. I also wouldn't bat an eye if Mistwalker finally paid some attention to Sony's little black box - he's not owned by Microsoft, some of his games were simply funded by them.

By the same token, with SE's flippant loyalty I doubt that FFXIII VS will remain exclusive. After all the FFXIII chatter about "exclusivity", "maximizing the experience" and the "console's power", all it took was a cheque for them to change their minds and make the game multi.

Oh, and there's also Neir to look forward too. Graphics are a bit rough, but it's from the Drakengard team and I really liked those games. They made Bulletwitch too, but we can ignore that :P

sikbeta3202d ago

maybe...probably...doubtfully I'll buy SO:TLH

SaiyanFury3202d ago

I don't care what anybody says. This will be my first S-E game this generation, and judging from that video it will cater to everything I love about the SO universe. February can't come soon enough. :)

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chidori6663202d ago

thank you so much bots for beta...

Jerk1203202d ago


Try again Failghan.

Troll-without-Bridge3202d ago

Horrible english voices is the reason i haven't played this game yet. Gladly the International version has the Original JP voices.

Jerk1203202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

It being mute and having subtitles is almost the same as it having original japanese voices. You'll never understand a word that they're saying unless you're fluent in japanese and thus it's completely pointless.

The english voices are better than the japanese ones because even though they're horrible you can still understand them.

Redempteur3202d ago

"You'll never understand a word that they're saying unless you're fluent in japanese"

THAT'S THE POINT of the subtitles ...

Are you that b*tthurt now ...or are you eardrums devastated by the horrible english voices ? either way since i Understand spoken japanese , i'll enjoy this game WITH japanese voice and English subtitles ...


stb3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Sleipnir Ignore 1.1 -

Try again Failghan.)

Whoever this guy is, is showing his true potential being an idiot arguing for a better version to not be...dont get what r u up to, but what i quite get is the fact that you r a stupid xbot,(a truly one)who troll and bash things cus xbox version doesnt have it lol. truly my friend this version of the game is far better than the original, being the original xbox version one a good game but with a ugly voice act...dud it was plainly bad,i prefer to listen to death metal instead these actors voice act..lmao but just looking at that trailer, with japanese voice instead, just re-arrange everything that this game was bad for, thus this make me want this game even more. so lack it off and go bash halo reach(a flop lol)

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Blaster_Master3202d ago

Quantity does not equal quality. Not that the 360 had any quality rpg's to begin with besides Phantasy Star Universe (PSO was way better IMHO), but Star Ocean was a turd, and even with updated graphics and more content, its now just a bigger turd then before.

Rt00273202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Then what made the 360 so good having "more" rpgs available then...
This is what I hate most about this site, its the hypocriticism, when 360 had Tales "exclusively" and Star Ocean, Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remenant and Lost Odyssey somehow they were crowned the rpg console. Some even used that matter to promote why so people should buy a 360. After seeing how rpgs were a flop on the 360, now apparently these games are good no more now that they are releasing on the PS3.

No flaming at you Blaster_Master, just saying how your point is correct, quantity is not quality, but I wished some people could see that earlier and said something then.

Being an owner of 360 as well, makes me ashamed to be one, with all these distasteful 360 fanboys on this site.

Baka-akaB3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

S04 is hardly a turd . It does it's job , wich was never to have the best and most epic story , but to be pleasing to the eye and having a fun real time action .

I dont know why people keeps pinning their hope and dream , and such hype on the title . With the exception of stuff like valkyrie profile and radiata stories (two titles many of you guys didnt even bother buying or playing for vague reasons) , Tri-ace aint a good storyteller .

They however do some good action and neat gameplay .

Star ocean 2 had an horribly cheesy and cliched story but was fun to play .

Star ocean 3 improved on everything S02 had to offer , added the sc fi elements that were far too lacking in the second , yet present in the first title , everything including the story , and some ancestor to trophies/achievements. And yet somehow people managed to hate it based on a plot twist ? Basically the whole weak point of the franchise ?

Now comes SO4 hostage in a console war , doing yet again everything it was supposed to do ... but trashed around .
All of that because 360 fanboys were straining their eyes seeking for THE EXCLUSIVE to rubs in ps3 fanboys faces . While the ps3 ones were seeking every occasion to trash it and lessen it's value .

Now with the war still going on , 360 fanboys call their "hero" trash , while suddenly ps3 ones finally embraces it , now that it's getting released in an improved version ...

Personally i expect , and already know that So4 is every bit like each of its predecessors , an high profile title , yet more focused on it's gameplay than good storytelling ... basically a pretty good title , just not the best of the best .

My only complain would be Square shady's marketing and deals causing the whole mess , but that's hardly the game's fault , or affecting it's quality (or for some lack of )

Blaster_Master3202d ago

If I wanted to have "fun real time action" role playing I would just bang my gf or play God of War. Ive played this game, and trust me, its far from fun. And as for the 360 being the console to have to play rpg's, I would rather play old school NES rpg's then the turds that have come out this gen. Dont get me wrong, there are a few decent ones like Oblivion, Fallout 3, Demon's Souls, but if you wanna play rpg's your better off geting a Backwards Compatible Ps3 and Wii cause thats where all the rpg's are. That is until next year of course. WKC, FF13 and vs. are day one purchases.

Redempteur3202d ago

i still don't see what SO4 does that SO1 or SO3 didn't do .

except horrible voice acting ( previous ones were tolerable ).
Comboing in Star ocean seems different and more fun this time ...

>Some people were waiting for this title as "the last hope" of jrpgs ..that's funny considering the amount of bad decisions ( swapping , bad voices , Cg only and the list goes on ) that plagued the 360 release and were corrected in the international version

Baka-akaB3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )


It's not like i've found the 360's line up of rpg to be good you know . I basically got a ps3 for potential releases and the rpg i knew were coming .

I can't figure why so many people enjoy Lost Odyssey personally , hell i find that even the meh blue dragon was way better... but i'd rather not go there .

360 rpg have been quite underwhelming , they obviously had a bigger number of them over there , but nothing outstanding or above mediocrity .. except for two games imo Star ocean and tales of Vesperia .

Again people kept pinning their hopes on those , when all they would do , and obviously did , would be to follow the formulas of their predecessors . So yeah if some deluded fan go there thinking "ahaha take that ps3 , another final fantasy killer you wont get' well the fall will be hard .

Tals of vesperia would be only awesome for a fan of the serie , like myself and quite a few other ... but for other guys , it's just a decent and good rpg .

Same goes with S04 imo .

I also blame the press anyway , oddly most of them didnt care about Tales of the Abyss or had nothing nice to say about it . As usual with tales games they used the "generic animu rpg" template crap .
But now suddenly they loved Vesperia ? Wich was basically Abyss hd ?
yeah right

Anyway back to So4 , so you didnt like it , fine ? But did you enjoy the previous ones ? If not , then it's no wonder , it's just more of the same , hyped as a new FF level game or not .

But if you like the previous SO games ... well i dunno what to say , it's pretty much the same thing , and certainly doesnt have a worse gameplay .. the only difference and thing that could bother you would be the story an characters ..

Guy1693202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Baka - The Second Story had a far better plot and characters development, it was a classy old school jrpg. if that's cliched and cheesy then so were FF 8 or 9. even TtEoT had a somewhat decent story, it just wasnt very detailed.

Lavalamp3202d ago

If you are insulting the Tales series then bite your tongue. Each installment to the franchise has been a brilliant game. Do not condemn the Tales series and the art style simply because you hate anime. The games would lose a lot of their charm if a CG style was implemented. And how can you make the claim that Vesperia was merely Abyss in HD? Each game had its own unique cast of charming characters complete with a compelling story. Sure, the series isn't as popular as say Final Fantasy. But why compare them? They are both great franchises in their own right. The Tales series delivers a great game every time. The games may not try a whole lot of new gameplay mechanics but what is there is amazing nonetheless.

Baka-akaB3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Are you for real and do you even read ? You managed to get not only my name wrong but somehow missed the part where i said it's one of the rpg worth a damn on 360 , and said "for a fan of the serie , like MYSELF and quite a few other"

i'm one of the guys that constantly defend tales games here . Where the f*** did you get the idea that i implied "being Abyss in HD" was a bad thing ?

It is abyss in hd , it's basically the same team , same design , same fighting system with improvement and a new setting ... wich is GREAt enough ..

Get out of the fanboy suit , and bite your tongue seven times please ...

Lavalamp3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

My sincerest apologies. I misinterpreted your post where you wrote "'generic animu rpg' template crap" and took it as if you were insulting the series. I'm going to need a new tongue since I just bit mine off.

Baka-akaB3202d ago

no worries , it was just weird being accused of disliking the tales serie and animes lol .

My point was as said above anyway , that , in the press , no one gave a damn about tales of the Abyss , the most recent main tales before vesperia . Yet both are incredibly similar except the obvious new story , and the graphics being hd .

And somehow as a 360 exclusive , it became beloved among the press ... hell one might have believed it was even a new ip . But as usual they are a bunch of hypocrites , they didnt even usually bother with was was deemed as generic anime fair unlike it was an hostage in the "Consoles exclusive war".

It's not even usually done as some pro-360 agenda , it rarely or never is ... but they know that console wars and controversity sells .

So here they are hyping whatever exclusive title they can till death . With some people actually believing them , and being lead into the thoughts that ToV or SO4 would be bigger and better than what they usually are : more of the same from an old ip , and one that mostly appeals to it's existing fans .

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Rocco Siffredi3202d ago

hmm beta?? lets see who will get the 1st patch to fix all the bugs :D

Of course the patchstation aka. Betastation.

stb3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Will bring, new character, better voice act....and in top more reply value, THEN I LOVE THESE KIND OF PATCH, While you failbox will fail you in the middle of the game and u will need to change guess a patch is ten millennium better than changing the machine...owned

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