Wired: Best of 2009: Top 5 Portable Games

Nintendo's DS and Sony's PSP are like oil and water. So why does everyone attempt to mix them together? Awards shows give out "best portable game" trophies, the NPD blends all portable consoles in its Top 10 lists, and all-purpose gaming publications throw them together in the year-end wrapups.

Wired doesn't know. But they're also slavish followers who never question the status quo, so here is their list of the top 5 PSP and DS games to come out this year.

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rrquinta3084d ago

I definitely have to disagree strongly with this list...

I think my list would look more like (order not important):

1. Bowser's Inside Story (DS)
2. Dragon Quest V (DS)
3. Half-minute Hero (PSP)
4. Heroes of Might & Magic (DS)
5. Knights In A Nightmare (DS)

xabmol3083d ago

"The best PSP exclusive of the year"

Yes. Yes it is.

SilentNegotiator3083d ago

1) Bowser's Inside Story
2) GTA:CtW
3) Patapon 2
4) Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite
5) ....can't think of anything more off the top of my head. Not a huge handheld gamer.

jalen2473083d ago

Loved Patapon 2 and Chinatown Wars