Famitsu LTD hardware sales for PS3 and Wii

The current life-to-date sales figures for the PS3 and Wii in Japan as of December 13th, according to Famitsu.

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Guido3138d ago

From the article: "The Playstation 3 launched in Japan on November 11, 2006. The Nintendo Wii came out about a month later on December 2. Despite that, the Nintendo Wii managed to more than double the Playstation 3 in hardware sales in Japan."

Now I am not scholar but wouldn't this have something to do with the price difference between the PS3 and the Wii on release? I mean, 250 dollars versus 600 dollars... I don't know, it would seem the cheaper one would sell more... amiright?

mint royale3138d ago

True but then consumers would see you get more from the ps3 (blu ray) which should even it out. You cannot just look at price alone.

The fact is that more people saw value in the wii to buy it than the ps3 and both were way ahead of the xbox in Japan.

Imagine you are in 2006, you wouldn't have believed how well the wii has done.

TOO PAWNED3138d ago

doesn't matter 600 is 600, price difference was huge, back then how many ppl owned HDtv to care for Blueray? Very few + not everyone cares about bluray, like my self.
The thing is PS3 sold amazingly for it's price point, that's a fact. How would Wii perform at that price point? not good i guarantee you that

xaviertooth3138d ago

pal, its just the price that troop a lot of japanese people to wii plus the excitement of playing using the wii-mote add to that are the people at media hyping it to high heavens.

I myself purchased a wii and played a month or 2 with wii sports and wii play with family and friends (and mario galaxy) and then after that my wii is just there untouched. :(

DaTruth3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I would get more from a Ferrari than my 91 Honda Civic beater! But there is a reason I don't have a Ferrari and am stuck with my 91 Honda Civic beater!

mint royale3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )


Well if the wii is as bad as most people on here make it out then you'd think people would have realised this by now and not 60 million consoles later.

Could it be that people maybe.. have fun playing the wii....nah!

@da truth
Yes cos the ps3 costs as much as a ferrari and the wii costs about $100,000 less and is roughly equivelent to a civic. Yes good comparison there.

JokesOnYou3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

The iphone is the most popular phone a also the most expensive, the people who buy it regardless of its price do so because they see VALUE in the brand and features the phone offers. Price is a factor but sony misjudged the value in Bluray, sony has had to cut the price because consumers have not flocked to bluray. Gamers basicly fall into to 3 catagories, hardcore, casual, and everybody else= everybody else is made up of non-traditional/future potential gamers. The 360 and ps3 appeal to the hardcore and a small portion of the casual gamers who will "upgrade" to a 360 or ps3. The wii sales better than the 360 and ps3 because the simple truth is the casual gamers and everybody else market outnumbers the hardcore fanbase and the wii is much more appealing to these type of consumers, which is exactly why both sony and micro are trying to jump on the wii bandwagon with motion control.

I know its hard but us hardcore gamers have just start admitting the wii is a success because it offers casual gamers and everybody else MORE FUN, true there is alot of shovelware, but the damm thing also comes with wii sports which I find boring but is easy to pick up and play and my grandma can understand it and have MORE FUN than playing MW2. Thats amazing that nintendo was able to recognize there was a market there, so you just got to give credit where credit is due, wii is not garbage just because we personaly dont think its best.


avengers19783138d ago

Plus it was not clear weather blu-ray or HDdvd would win, Remeber there was actually a second choice when the PS3 came out, and blu-ray movies cost like 35 dollars a piece. Now that more people have HDTV's and blu-rays are coming down to be reasonable priced then you'll see more people getting onboard with the PS3...Not only is it the greatest gaming machine, it is one of the industires best blu-ray players.

SpoonyRedMage3138d ago

I think part of the Wii demand came from the small size for Japan, it's tiny and that appeals to a lot of Japanese people, the PS3 and 360 were/are massive.

sikbeta3138d ago

You are really naive if you think price doesn't matter, $350 more for a launch PS3, whereas with the same money you could buy 2 wiiz

And after that, the Format War, Blu-Ray Disc VS Hd-dvd, we all know who is the winner [XD], but back in the time the companies were pushing both formats, meaning more indecision coming from the Average Joes

Finally the PS3 slim model, $300 for the console is just a GREAT deal and people know about that, so that's why the console is selling so well

This what I'm saying, look at the PS3 salez during November 2008-2009

rockleex3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

We'd have to wait till the PS3 costs the same as the Wii when it launched, if Sony ever prices the PS3 at $249.

That way we'd be able to see how well both the Wii and PS3 do at $249.

The PS3 will most likely skip the $249 pricepoint and simply go down to $199. If so, we'd have to keep track of its life-to-date sales starting at $299 and $199 respectively, then find the average amount of sales between the two. That will emulate the sales of the PS3 at $249.

beardpapa3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

the sad thing is the PS3 is at $300 now but consumers will see it as "oh well it's been several years, the other consoles are cheaper. Why isn't the PS3 at their price point? It's a video game console afterall."

Not many consumers look at the back of the box to see what it has in comparison to other offerings. Especially women! Ok that sounds sexist, but when I was taking a wine course taught by a female professor, she stated the market found that men and women equally bought wine on their own time, but wine makers would sometimes put fancy intricate labels on their bottles because it attracted and appealed more to women.

So... with that in mind, a cover art, box art, or how a console looks MAY (and I emphasize may) ultimately be the deciding factor when mom, girlfriend, or wife goes out to buy a console for their loved ones.

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Nathan Drake23138d ago

ps3 will be the most selling home console in japan in 2009 despite 100$ cheaper wii and x360.

btw where are x360 numbers?you're right.who cares.

Guwapo773138d ago

Price difference is never noted nor is the system's overall value. Like some media outlets trying to compare handhelds vs consoles.

Quarterly reports are out this month and DS outsold PS3 5:1. ...fair? I think not. But hey, if this story brings home the bacon, so be it.

3138d ago
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