Fermi GTX 380 / GTX 360 benches are fake

Over the past couple of days several benchmarks pitting two Nvidia Fermi cards against ATI Evergreens have surfaced on the interweb. The results indicated a single Fermi-based Geforce GTX 380 should beat ATI's dual-GPU HD 5970, however, the slides don't appear to be kosher.

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Charmers3198d ago

ah fudzilla, you can just feel the love they have for Nvidia on that site can't you. I have never seen a site so "pro ATI" as fudzilla, someone really needs to clue them in that ATI and Nvidia are as bad as each other.

Nihilism3198d ago

They make it sounds like nvidia posted the benchmarks, I've honestly never felt that fudzilla is anti nvidia or pro ati....before now, but if your talking about semiaccurate...then yep, I can definately see it there, my god, talk about fanboys

Kakkoii3198d ago

Yeah, if anything Fudzilla has been pro Nvidia for quite some time now. It's only recently that they seem to have started changing bias.

xg-ei8ht3198d ago

There's enough cards to enjoy at game out atm. Nvidia's card will come when it comes.

I'm waiting for the reason Nvidia will tell you that you need this their new card.

Will it be.

slighty More fps at higher rez.
Slightly more fps over ati's.
10% better
Plays a song while running dx11.

I doubt there will be much in it between the two, there never is.

Omega Zues3198d ago

I knew it was fake the second I saw the so called "performance" of the cards. I'm interested in what Nvidia plans to bring to the table but at the same time the 5970 is a great card, a really REALLY good card. So like the article said Nvidia latest should have an edge over the 5970 but not a night or day difference.

3198d ago
mortalrage3198d ago

I feel nvidia has dropped the ball. If they released Fermi already we wouldn't be talking about fake benchmarks. I don't think Fud=Pro Ati, Ati is the only news available. What could you write about nvidia?

Well here is one example: Fake Benchmarks.

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