What Won't Be Coming To Video Gaming In 2010


2010 will bring us many, many things. Some good, some bad, but all of them, things. We'll be dealing with a lot of that this week, but for now, I'd rather talk about things we won't be seeing.

As we've seen this holiday season, a year can be as notable for what didn't show up as for what did. And 2010 will be no different.

Here are some things that you may hope will be coming over the next 12 months, but really, probably won't.

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THE MAX SPEED 213202d ago

"This Won't Be The Year Of The PS3"

2009 was thanks to the Lackluster of Games on Both Wii and Xbox360. Maybe next year'll change because theres great games coming out on All 3 consoles but 2009 was a Easy Win for the PS3.

MurderMyDoll3202d ago

Sounds to me like the words of a sore a fanboy by any chance? anyway 2010 should be good regardless of any of these things happening both 360 and PS3 have stellar line ups.

Unicron3202d ago

This "the year of" crap has gotten old. It's become a buzzterm slung by fanboys and the media to garner hype or mock, similar to "AAA." It has no actual definition. The 360 isn't going anywhere. Nor is the PS3 or Wii. It's kind of sad that the media plays the console allegiance game just as much. If he is talking console sales, which would be utterly stupid, I believe the PS3 outsold the 360 world wide last year. Does that make 2008 year of the PS3? God the media is disappointing.

All that should matter is the games you get to enjoy, wherever they come from.

Cyrax_873202d ago

Yeah it's funny how no one has actually defined what "year of x" actually means. Is it how many games? Highest rated games? Most consoles sold? YoY sales? All of the above?

If it's console sales then it's the Wii.
If it's software sales then it's the 360.
If it's highest rated games then it's the PS3 (after 2007).

sikbeta3202d ago

Stop crying Kotaku, maybe next time you'll have the opportunity to spin some news lol

bjornbear3202d ago

Yep easy win.

Next year PS3 has as many exclusives between Jan and March as it did all year 09 =P

Next year won't be as easy, but thank god, if it were otherwise i'd forget there are 2 other consoles xD

mikeslemonade3202d ago

I agree 2009 is the year of the PS3. It's the zealots of the 360 and the Wii who like to put words in our mouths. We never said 2006 or 2007 was the "years of the PS3". Now we did say 2008 was but then PS3 was $400 and then you get the 360 for $250 and the arcade for $200, so no matter how good the PS3 was people still bought the 360. Now 2009 is the true year because it clearly had the best games of 2009.

rockleex3202d ago

1. Kotaku writing worthwhile articles
2. ???
3. Profit?

Deputydon3202d ago

I'd argue that the day we found out this was the year of the PS3 was when Eurogamer gave Uncharted 2 a 10/10...

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TheTruth20093202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

The Year Of The PS3 - It's been a rallying cry since 2007 rolled around. "This will be the year of the PS3!" And what a call it is. After all, everyone loves an under-dog. But just what does that mean?

I'm 99% sure it means, based on the context it's been used previously, that "this will be the year the PS3 outsells the 360".

(Almost) Every year, the PS3 has got cheaper, and every year, AAA exclusive software is released for the console. Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 2, the list goes on. Yet every year - and almost every month - it's outsold by the Xbox 360.

Things have been looking better of late, with a price cut, snappy advertising campaign and Uncharted 2 helping generate the most sustained period of positive "buzz" for the console since its launch. Yet despite all of that, in November, the year's biggest shopping month in the US, it was still outsold by the Xbox 360.

Now, this isn't to say the PlayStation 3 will forever remain lagging behind the 360. It may not! But we're not talking forever here. We're talking 2010. And if Home, Blu-Ray, a movie store, Killzone 2, an all-new piece of PS3 hardware and a hefty price-cut couldn't put the PS3 ahead of the 360 in sales in 2009, I can't see games like MAG, God of War III and GT5 (all games I think will appeal primarily to those already owning a PS3) doing the trick in 2010.

If you think it means something else - like "the PS3 finally has a good year" - well, that's a different story.


And oh yeah... I saw the Gran Turismo 5 Demo Footage.

THIS game is your savior for 2010? LOL. Is this a PS2 Game?

ssipmraw3202d ago

boy, it sure is quite in here

lh_swe3202d ago

and how do you explain a gap which used to be 9 million the 8,7 and now 6?

LeonSKennedy4Life3202d ago

Notice they said "in the US".

The PS3 has been outselling the 360 all year worldwide.

The US population is practically controlled by the media though.

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