AusGamers - Napoleon: Total War Preview


Australia is lucky enough to grab the exclusive Emperor's Edition of the game, and it will be released for PC only on February, 2010. The demo we were given was incredibly impressive with so much on offer for every type of player. It might sound like marketing speak, but Brigden described the game as "easy to access, difficult to master", and we're inclined to agree. If you're a fraidy -cat strategy player you can automate most of the systems, but if you consider yourself a general lost and out of place - on par with the great Napoleon, turn everything on and give the man a run for his money as a master tactician. If you're neither, but this sounds good to you - don't worry, the game also caters to noobs with great depth, an excellent tutorial mode and plenty of in-game tweaking to allow you to progressively set your own level of play.

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