Final Fantasy XIII Live Stream Available Now! Inevitably, Final Fantasy XIII has been leaked before it's release date and a Japanese player has began a live stream of their playthrough.

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WildArmed3015d ago

WEEEE Time to go high on FFXIII gameplay..

...on second thought, I dont want it to be ruined.(if thats possible lol)

maskedwarrior3015d ago

So tempting but I don't want to be spoiled.

doeman3014d ago

keep it together people~~~

taco_tom2373014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

i started a ps3 vs 360 fight in the comments lol

edit: im sorry lol but the vid wasn't loading and ppl were arguing about halo3 and kz2...i had to entertain myself

GameGambits3014d ago

Ugh. I guess it's officially time to ignore all FF13 news from here on out for anyone who's importing it(like myself) or waiting to fully enjoy it in March.

I want my copy here already...I don't know how long I can keep myself away from some new FF13 footage/'s like my daily cocaine to get some of that to keep me calm till I get my hands on it.

FamilyGuy3014d ago

I want to see parts that are much later in the game. This just the begging and a lot of what we saw in that demo. The justin tv live stream is awesome though, the password is livetube

shawnsl653014d ago

it is best to ignore all FFXIII clips, streams, etc, until the game comes out. There should be a big sticker that says SPOILER ALERT!

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doeman3014d ago

i'm glad there are some people with brains here. why would ANYONE want to spoil it for themselves? xD

TiberusX873014d ago

The password for the JustinTV HD Stream is livetube. :)

Ninji3014d ago

I'll be sure to spoil the ending for all of the xbots though.

xoxideu3014d ago

not like they would care about this game anyways.

xtreampro_REVENGE3014d ago

Your constant hate for this game is amusing.

Go play Halo

Ninji3014d ago

Why would I go play a mediocre casual run & gunner? I'm not a big fan of Power Rangers anymore.

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Vortex3D3014d ago

Isn't the whole idea of playing games is able to interact with the entertainment medium? Watching someone else playing the game is like watching a movie where you can't do anything. What's the point?

myothercar3014d ago

You've never watched a gameplay video before?


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The story is too old to be commented.