Natal Will Dominate

Motion Control was bound to expand from Nintendo's grasp. Microsoft and Sony getting in on the action was inevitable, and will bring lots both of publicity. Successful or not, both creations will be remembered, and the battle between Microsoft and Sony will get that much more heated. If what has been shown lately about the motion controllers, we can only assume that Natal will dominate.

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taco_tom2373198d ago

i think both this and sony's wand will suck

WildArmed3198d ago

aye. I for one am pretty much against motion gaming. After working for 11 hours, I want to come home and sit down to play. I dont want none of that get up and do a lap dance for your dmn console crap. =/

sinncross3198d ago

The Natal very well may prove quite popular, but until Microsoft can show me that Halo or Gears of War type titles can use the Natal without requiring an actual controller, then maybe I'll care.

At this stage I am not sure on how either type of game can solely function on the Natal alone, but I'll be interested to see if they do when the launch details are officially defined by Microsoft.

DasBunker3198d ago

yay!! natal will dominate the casual market with shovelware ala wii and even it has nothing to do with my gaming taste im gonna use it to justify my buy..


kaveti66163198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

One supposes that Natal has to conform to a particular genre of gaming.

I on the other hand think that an interface like Natal might influence the creation of a new genre of gaming.

It's not fair to think that Natal will be a failure just because it won't work for the games you like. For all we know, developers could be making some really innovative games that we cannot imagine.

My stance is more optimistic on this matter. Even if Natal ends up being the exact same disappointing thing that many are expecting, I will feel no shame in having been hopeful that it would be something great.

There is no problem with wanted something to be successful. I do find it more disturbing that people are expecting it to the fail to the point where they WANT it to the fail.

If you think it's gonna fail, at least come up with a better excuse than, "I don't see how it can work with FP shooters, therefore it cannot work." <---- Pleas of ignorance do not make a good argument.

Bungie3198d ago

NATAL will help the 360 to stay on top this gen

the media went crazy for it

tatotiburon3198d ago

why natal have to replace the conventional controller?...the new halo or gears can support both controllers one played metroid on wii?

RememberThe3573198d ago

The Wii is dominating but it as been one of the most lackluster consoles I've ever owned. Natal will not be for hardcore gamers, but for the Wii crowd. It will probably sell great but won't offer anything more for the hardcore gamer than the Wii does.

THE MAX SPEED 213198d ago

Well yeah people will be into natal because it's something out of the usual. All I know is I want Ubisoft and all the Good devs to release something worth having me spend the money for. I dont care about the other stupid party games and shovel crap.

Nihilism3198d ago

Natal won't do anything, there's no way in hell the casual market will turn to 360 because of it. It's something for people with the consoles, but I don't think it will be a selling point at all.

FamilyGuy3198d ago

to impress gamers is to do something like what's shown in that movie Gamer. The parts where he's checking his emails and such.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

The only thing it's going to dominate is the bots that fall for MS's false hope and lies.

Natal is a failure waiting to happen.

Bigpappy3198d ago

Like 32 million, I believe.

edwineverready3198d ago

[email protected] big time. Imagine a future with only casual games. I would stop gaming and never look back.

WildArmed3198d ago

If games like Wii Fit and Wii Sports Resorts started to become a majority, it'd be a sad day

we won3198d ago

Maybe to you jackass but not to the casual gamer. Maybe the casual gamer thinks Hardcore gaming [email protected] big time.

Dem tears taste good I love POS3 loser fanboy flavored tears.

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