The Cheapest Weapon & Perk Combos in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Play on Xbox Live long enough and its inevitable that you are gonna run into all types of players. But some of the most common and cheapest ways of racking up kills on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 comes from specific kit setups that have an unfair advantage built in from the start. Here are our Cheapest Weapon and Perk Combos in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

#3 The Noob Tube /Thumper/ Danger Close – If you haven't been involved in a match where an opposing player is using this perk/weapon combo you haven't truly experienced the rage and hatred that can be expressed over Xbox Live. With this set up you are a walking explosion waiting to happen, and with the extra damage from danger close it just adds to frustration that you can dole out to your opponents.

Read on for the rest of the Cheapest Weapon/Perk Combos in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2...

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taco_tom2373202d ago

im guilty of using the akimbo model 18 but i dont care..i love pissing the noobs off lol

WildArmed3202d ago

well everything is fair game.. there is a reason why it's there lol

-Alpha3202d ago

According to Bowling.

Frankly, I find the dual wielding of shotguns to be a little absurd anyway, especially ones that are as overpowered as these ones.

Also, this list is pretty strange. One Man Army #1? More like Stopping Power.

Never ran into Danger Close users, but Stopping Power is definitely overused. It makes kills way too easy. They need to tone down SP from whatever it is at-- I think right now it's at x1.4, it needs to be x1.2.

Regardless, I use hardline/cold-blooded more anyway.

The game is well balanced IMO...aside from 1887 akimbos, OP Assault rifles (rendering all other guns useless), and stopping power. It's got its problems but nothing I can't handle. Besides, what game doesn't have a flawed MP?

My biggest issues is the crappy way IW has handled the game. They did a poor job of maintaining hacks, testing the game, etc.

Ace Killa 083201d ago

i completely agree with Alpha-Male. this game is well balanced (Akimbos do not piss me off at all) and it is a broken balanced game. is it completely broken that you cannot play, no Area 51 blacksite is and other games but this one you can work with. as soon as this patch arrives and clears all the glitches (HOPEFULLY) this game will be how COD4 was. The glitches shouldnt of been there i understand that, but what happens when the game is patched and fixed? is it still a POS once broken now fixed game.

xTruthx3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

akimbo weapons are so bad, they require no skill. The double shotguns are a joke, you can snipe with them with how far their bullets go, is really ridiculous. The commando or w/e its name is, is ridiculous too.


@ xTruthx

the akimbo's don't require skill but you will still see a big difference between a skilled player using them and a noob.

I hate the akimbos, I think they are dumb, noobish etc... the first time I played a game with almost a whole team using them i never felt such rage.. and ever since then, as soon as i see someone using them, thats it, mine are coming out to play. and you know whats the end of every game i get messages from the guys who were running around with akimbo calling me a noob and this and that because i used akimbo on them.

that is the one thing i like about them. I always reply back telling them, they were using akimbo and i was using akimbo so it's fair game. it's not my fault if i am better with them then they are. that usually shuts them up.

I think in general i agree with everyone, the game is well balanced. I don't mind what changes they make to akimbo or anything else as long as it is across the board.

my most hated set up though is light weight + commando. these guys run round the map at the speed of light and then knife you before you can even pull the trigger. the real problem is not the set up itself, but because of the slight lag you get with the game it means someone moving that fast is almost next to impossible to hit, unless you have a really good connection or host.

worse still is when the rest of your team don't know what to do about them, I can take them on 50/50, but 90% of the time i hear my team going nuts because they are F-iing them off which only makes them play worse.

anyway, first thing first, they just need to fix the bugs, glitches and lag.. then start working on the other stuff.

I don't mind noob tubes, models or anything else... I can use all the same weapons so it's fair game.

rockleex3200d ago

You'll see how unbalanced, glitchy, and laggy Modern Warfare 2 is.

Its obvious this game needed a Beta.

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monkey6023202d ago

Well aside from the model 18's
The cheapest is Commando - marathon - lightweight and running around with a care package to knife. But to be honest I'm guilty of doing it from time to time

Dark General3201d ago

Yeah that's the one I was about to say. Also people use the tactical knife equipped to the Revolver or Desert Eagle to make melee kills THAT much easier with commando.

dirthurts3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

How can someone charge through full auto fire and knife someone for the win? Just stupid.
Add a handgun with a knife attachment and it's that much worse.

Ace Killa 083201d ago

lol i do use the one man army for infinite ammo, i resupply the same class. but i used only to finish off the challenge of the perk. after that i never used it useless to me. akimbos i use only in favela or in scrapyard. all the rest i choose between ACR, M4, TAR, or SCAR. and as for the thumper/noob not a surprise here. its like double noob tube in COD4, overkill with AR/Noob tube each, this was annoying in hardcore matches.

KillerPwned3201d ago

My god *shakes head* its just a game.

camachoreloaded88063201d ago

I've gotten great scroes with an assault rifle noob tube, one man army, and danger close. noob tube's are almost always a one hit kill, as well as claymores, and you can refill them at anytime. Yeah, you don't get a secondary weapon, but when you got a danger close noob tube, you won't even use the bullets in your primary weapon.

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