Modern Warfare 2 Leaderboards Will Have To Be Reset

Joystick Radio Writes: "Modern Warfare 2 is going to have to have a Leaderboard reset, plain and simple. With all the boosting, glitching, and exploiting, the current Modern Warfare 2 Leaderboards are not legitimate. I'm sure Infinity Ward doesn't want to reset the Leaderboards in fear of upsetting the community, but it has to be done."

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Delta3169d ago

The whole game will have to be reset.

WildArmed3169d ago

wasn't there a article with the EXACT same headline from or w/e?

We get it Mw2 is broken, but we dont need millions of articles on it every week.
We've flamed IW enough =/ time to move on to real news.. xD

presto7173169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

*goes to get shotgun from garage*



*brains still intact, cd in pieces*

ShinRyuHadoken3169d ago

Delta, I disagree.

The guys that cheated should be reset! Not me cause I played my time to get those ranks.

SixZeroFour3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

i say just take away the whole world leaderboards completely, but keep stat tracking...that way you can still brag amongst your friends and even call them out for cheating if you want to

cause personally, the only ones i compare myself to is my friends...knowing your top 10 or whatever in the world is fine and all but (no offense to the real top 10 players) all that proves is that really do have way too much time on your hands IF you arent a professional gamer competing in tournaments

theEnemy3169d ago


Cause right now, we(the ones who have bought the game) are beta testing MW2.

F'ing IW.

Eamon3169d ago

It's Infinty Ward's fault for releasing a broken game.

glennc3169d ago

they aren't exactly blame free though

StanLee3169d ago

This game was a fcuking joke from day 1.

tordavis3169d ago

Leaderboards, don't shoot back.

rockleex3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Level, my perks, my unlocked weapons, killstreaks, etc.

Because honestly, I don't play for leaderboard rankings until I've unlocked everything in the Multiplayer.

That way I can gain leaderboard rankings from playing the game the way I want to play, not from playing the game with default weapons, perks, etc.

And once I've unlocked everything, I can mess around a bit to see which kind of classes works best for my playstyle.

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taco_tom2373169d ago

you can tell which ones are hacked just remove them

rogimusprime3169d ago

why not just reset the cheaters as mentioned above.

Using the author's logic, its like saying we should nuke Afghanistan just because there's terrorists there.

On second thought.... nevermind.

ZBlacktt3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I think if anything they should address all the hacks and glitches. Then go after accounts where the EXP points don't match the Prestige rank. That is a dead give away from a hacker. The other cheater's will be safe because hard to pin point who is after the fact. So IW will just have to patch the cheats they are using or known to be out there. I don't even waste my time with this nonsense. Sucks for all you who are legit and love this game.

DoctorXpro3169d ago

Why we dont say to the hackers to reset the leaderboards?

spunnups3169d ago

I don't think we have enough articles about this. IW and Activision made a killing on this game and deserve the backlash.

Digitaldude3169d ago

I;m getting the game for christmas but really thinking twice, I may 'lay campaign and sell it.
This is totally unacceptable and its GREAT! to see MW2 winning no GOTY awards.

kingdavid3169d ago

Seriously guys, every multiplayer game has some sort of issues. Remember the vehicle repair glitch in bad company?

Or the kung fu flip in Gears of war?

Yeah its IW but its getting old and tired now you guys consistently bashing them.

CrippleH3169d ago

If you're just going to buy and play campaign then sell it, why not rent it?

JeffGUNZ3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

The problem is that people make it sound so bad right now, when in reality, in my 3 days of time spent on the multiplayer side, I have and all my friends have experience little to no problems. The only thing that was annoying was the javelin glitch. If the game puts us in a lobby that isn't what we wanted, we back out and search again. Usually, that solves the problem immediately. Should their have been a beta, absolutely. Yet, all these articles make the game sound unplayable. It's all BS. This game is amazing and addicting and I would strongly recommend you get it for Christmas, you will love it. Dude, this is, half of these morons bashing this game haven't even played it at all. They are just bashing it because it's popular. Trust me, this game is great. Any multiplayer game, that is so popular as MW, with MILLIONS of people playing it constantly, will have more glitches discovered than a game like Resistance or Medal of Honor.

spunnups3168d ago

Okay, well all I can go by is what I read on the net. No, I don't have the game. I do own CoD4 and because of all the frustration online with that game, I did not pick this one up day 1, and haven't yet to this day. I may get this sometime down the road, after these problems are sorted out.

Teh Cell3168d ago

I agree with JeffGunz. I've been playing it ever since it came out, and it's been very smooth on XBL. Never even saw a single javelin glitcher.

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