DICE Responsible For Forty-Five Million Deaths

Freeloading Playstation 3 users have notched up an impressive 45.42 million kills in the month or so since the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta began.

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CrippleH2991d ago

I have murdered tons of people in the beta. I deserve to be punished.

Delta2991d ago

Yea you do but not for killing people in the beta, but for your last sentence.

WildArmed2991d ago

You ****** you killed kenny <in the beta>

toaster2991d ago

Can't wait until PC beta comes around.

I feel sorry for 360 owners.

kalebgray922991d ago

at least 256 players will die once every game

WildArmed2991d ago

MAG beta statistics:

18milion kills during the last phase of the beta.
nov 8 - Dec 5

wxer2991d ago

wow thats a lot
and i mean alot for real

so dose the mag beta kills


thereapersson2991d ago

Why would you feel sorry for them? The 360 has had exclusive betas in the past, and they'll eventually get to play the game regardless.

That said, It's good that Sony was able to secure such a high-profile game in beta state. It really shows that PS3 owners are serious about online gaming.

Redempteur2991d ago


dice must be proud of that achievement !

As for MAG , these stats were only for the last phase of beta test i think

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Kalowest2991d ago

Can't wait for the 360 demo.

CrippleH2990d ago

I can't believe he has 7 disagree. This is a top notch game that all platform should be proud to have.

Nihilism2991d ago

"Think the PC crowd can compete when our beta begins early next year?"

They must not have seen the stats for the TF2 comp the other day, shooters on pc is serious business

DoctorXpro2991d ago

That beta on pc it's gonna be 2 times more deaths than that.

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The story is too old to be commented.