Final Fantasy XIII Playstation Home Space and Costumes Revealed Final Fantasy XIII hasn't escaped the lack luster experience that is Playstation Home with a feature in a Japanese magazine revealing it's involvement in the virtual world.

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Chubear3163d ago

Darksiders have War's HOME costume and FF13 bringing love to FF13 HOME owners. Very sweet stuff. This one's going to be popular around HOME forums on PSN.

Dragun6193163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

That's pretty cool I guess, but It would be way more awesome if they offered Final Fantasy Dynamic Themes, like Retro FF gameplay with classic music in the background or FF13 in action.

Well,I Can't wait to hear the reception of the game when it releases tomorrow in Japan. Hopefully well see it doing DragonQuest IX sales # otherwise most Japanese Developers will continue to make RPGs for the DS rather than the PS3.

sikbeta3163d ago

Yes, this the way to show love to the Home users

Myst3163d ago

Might actually get some of this. Would be awesome if you could ride a chocobo through home as well :p.

saint_john_paul_ii3163d ago

well, didnt the Home devs wanted to get Pets in there? if so the possibility of Riding a chocobo in home might happen.

KillerPwned3163d ago

If that happend id be on home all the time with my chocobo running people over saying...................HAHAH AH I LAUGH AT THE FACE OF DANGER!!!!!!!!!

KillerPwned3163d ago

^^^^^ You know your stuff lol

Redempteur3163d ago

chocobo should be a little too big for this ...

BUt i'll totaly DIGG a chocobo racing mini-game.

and let's hope that in march the managers of home US and eur will import this space for everyone else to enjoy ...

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a 3D enviroment with shltloads of content . Not some stupid avatar standing still fkn waving like a little girl.

sashimi3163d ago

This and the Ezio stuff are making me wanna do some Home stuff,and yeah riding a chocobo would be aweseome! always loved riding one in FF9.

KillerPwned3163d ago

God i hope we get a FFXIII home space!!! Or it would be awsome if they had a Chocobo stable aparment you can buy. Anything FF in Home id buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.