SMU Guildhall Announce Braveheart Graduate Project

The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University has announced the upcoming debut of a student-designed game based on the 1995 Mel Gibson film Braveheart, created in cooperation with Paramount Pictures.

Students enrolled in The Guildhall, SMU's graduate video game education program, participate in a simulated design studio in the course's final semester. The assembled design teams must produce a working prototype game prior to graduation, demonstrating skills learned in art creation, level design, and programming.

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BlackIceJoe3199d ago

I have always thought Braveheart would make a great video game. So I hope the people working on the game do a good job. It will be great to fight as William Wallace. I wonder if they will stay true to the film or try to bring some more of the real story of William Wallace into the game. It would also be cool to see Mel voice Wallace. I really hope this works out.