Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition Has Life-Sized Plasma Cutter?

Dead Space 2 executive producer Steve Papoutsis addressed a few fan concerns in a video published by EA today on Facebook. Papoutsis was pretty tight-lipped about the game but he did talk a bit about its Collector's Edition.

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GameGambits3134d ago

Pretty bad sign when someone who's part of the game would rather talk about how to get more money out of customers even before a first trailer is out for the game.

I loved the first Dead Space...and I hope the original team leaving EA won't damage the sequel, but this isn't a good sign...

BlazeXXL3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Yes, some producers of Visceral have left, but a large part of the original team is still there. Including Ian Milham, art director of the first Dead Space. He definitely knows what he is doing.

Visceral Games have said they will release the game once it's finished, which probably means a 2011 release. Quote me on this one: Dead Space 2 will be better than Dead Space 1 in all aspects.

Just read the Game Informer scans.

Admiral_Benson3134d ago

Agreed, these extortionate "Collectors Editions" are becoming a bit of a joke. Afterall, surely gamers should be more concerned about the actual game they are buying, not the overpriced plastic tat that come with it?

I absolutely love Dead Space and was massively hyped for a sequel even before the news was announced but with each new article i read i get a little more concerned with the direction it might be heading.

First their statement about the whole new "bad-ass" approach to the character, then talk of co-op elements *thinks of Res Evil 5 and shudders* and now trying to promote a money-spinning item already!? It sounds to me like they might be trying to emulate Res Evil 5's commercial success for DS2 by going in the same commercialised, action orientated, blast-em-up direction....not what the original DS was about and what made it so great.

Worrying indeed.

thereapersson3134d ago

The whole reason I enjoyed Dead Space so much was because it truly felt like a complete survival horror experience -- something that Resident Evil 5 was severely lacking. The atmosphere was the best part of the game, and I would hate to see them bastardize the game for the sake of what's popular or what they think will get more casuals into the series.

Admiral_Benson3134d ago

Completely agree.

The atmosphere in Dead Space was amazing, the art style, use of sound and lighting were all superb. It all made for a genuinely creepy, intense experience of being alone and in serious trouble.

It really went back to the true survival horror roots that seem to have been lost in recent years in favour of cheap scares and all out action. Needless to say i loved it and feel it should have got far more recognition (and sales) than it did.

That's what worries me though...that EA saw the success of supposed "survival horror" RE5 and might be trying to push more in that direction to improve sales by catering to the casuals at the expense of all the things that made DS a true hardcore survival horror.

I have my fingers firmly crossed though, lets hope they don't!

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BlazeXXL3134d ago

Perhaps not the smartest move by EA, but yeah.. a bit too pricey. Here's hoping for a 70-90 dollars collectors edition with an artbook, OST cd, an anime DVD (which will probably be released next to the game's release) and a replica of the Plasma Cutter (not made of cheap plastic).

Admiral_Benson3134d ago

Good shout, that would definitly be a better collectors edition.

OST, artwork and a DVD would be worthy of that price, i'd take that over a cheap plastic model any day.

The art design and sound were superb in Dead Space, i'd be glad to see those items in a collectors edition! I'm not a huge fan of CE's myself but if it included those items for that price (and the game was obviouly up to scratch) i would definitley be tempted.

hankmoody3134d ago

I'm THE whore for this game at the moment but I don't see myself shelling out $150 just to get a plasma cutter model. A nice concise edition complete with soundtrack, art, nice packaging and any extras like another anime film, short live action films, documentaries, a look at the influences on the game, I'd be down with all of that.

Fade_Walker3134d ago

Life sized plasma cutter?...I'm in!

cyberwaffles3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

just found out in my carpentry handbook that plasma cutters are real! couldn't believe it.