The Glitchiest Game of the Current Generation

With the VGAs hype slowly dwindling away, we can only think of what they did, and didn't announce. With many awards won - and lost in some cases, some may think there are no more to give; but they're wrong. One more award remains, and it is possibly the most important - next to GOTY. The battle for "The Glitchiest Game of The Current Generation" has begun!

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Delta3202d ago


Wait.... No Gears of War 2!?

WildArmed3202d ago

lol Damnation was down right broken..
Saying its glitchy is an understatement.
Btw what kewl glitches are there in inFAMOUS? never ran into one during my 6 playthroughs.
But it's a hard call between fallout 3 n Mw2 for the award though

Myst3202d ago

@Delta: At least you could have played that game, Damnation restarted my PS3 at the same point. Bullets (on my end didn't seem to connect even though it sure looked like it) and the enemies damage to me was way higher than mine to them. The latter is just a small gripe, but still! :p.

@Skv: I say we just give the glitchest games the awards and be done with it, So all three lol. Though I haven't played Fallout 3 or MW2 so I can't speak for those.

TheDeadMetalhead3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Fallout 3: I have had to restart my PS3 so many times because of a bug or a freeze. It's like the game was programmed by a bunch of drunk 4-year olds. And the DLC just makes things wo-- *freeze*

MW2: The game actually wasn't that bad until the stupid Javelin glitch Now there are two new glitches/hacks being discovered every day, and the game's become a complete mess.

InFamous: Wait, there were glitches in InFamous? Where?? o.o

Anyway, I say Sonic 06 is the glitchiest game this generation. The graphics are messed up, the camera and controls are broken, and when you die in a Super Speed stage and Sonic gets stuck on a wall, it looks like he's breakdancing. @[email protected]

WildArmed3202d ago

lol. For Mw2, you dont need to play it. N4G loves to make hella news about the glitches.

Fallout 3.. was a huge game, it's expected to have glitches.
Mw2's glitches were more or less exploits of MP.

Either way, i agree, easily a 3-way tie.

Ofc, Rogue Warrior n Damnation get the worst game/broken game of this gen imo O_O

sorceror1713200d ago

inFamous did have a *few* bugs.

A couple times on my playthroughs, I got glitched into a wall, but I was able to extract myself eventually. Maybe five times I saw enemies glitched inside walls; you could hear them, see them on the map, but they couldn't hurt you and you couldn't hurt them.

There were reports of people sometimes glitching through the ground and dying, but I never saw that. In any case, while inFamous wasn't perfect, I can't see it as even in the running for 'glitchiest of the year'. It sure as hell never froze my PS3.

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Megaton3202d ago

Their pick is fail. Just cause IW released a game with the multiplayer basically being a beta test doesn't mean it's the worst. It's easily Fallout 3. Fallout 3 has more bugs and glitches than every beta I've ever played, combined. The real tragedy is that I love the game. I'm even considering buying a 360 just for the Fallout 3 GOTY edition, because the add-ons are completely broken on PS3, and it would be less expensive than upgrading my old ass PC.

TheDeadMetalhead3202d ago

All you need to do is check the bug lists:

To see how messed up this game is. I've probably had to reload my game over 100 times because of bugs, and I still have a Neutral and Evil game to finish!

AEtherbane3202d ago

But then, when you make a game a suddenly you have 500,000,000 people in seven days trying to expose it in every way, i dont blame IW... But still, sad.

ConnorSmith3202d ago

Why isn't this article showing up on the sections, I understand why it hasnt made FP but should it be able to be seen form 360/PS3/PC?