Game Revolution: Naughty Bear Preview

GR writes: "Once upon a time, I thought my home was really the Island of Perfection. What a load of crap. This place is plagued with pleasantry, overrun by bears stuffed full with bliss and ignorance and extra tall cotton. Callow they are, so fluffy and wuffy, sniffing flowers in forests reeking with the swampy scent of spoiled merriment like baby rats slurping from a bottle of poisoned sugar water. They frolic and dance around the campfire of suckers, pawns of the law whose bright-eyed innocence only matches their bushy-tailed panic."

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RockmanII73198d ago

I'm not too excited, these are the same guys who made WET.

Rob Hornecker3198d ago

I'm looking forward to this game.Every now and then its nice to play a game thats not a shooter or driving simulation. I found that to be the case with Fable 2 over the past summer. This one though looks like it will turn the gaming world upside down. Will it be controversial? Maybe...will it be fun to play,DEFINITELY!