160 page FF13 world book released

Square Enix have released the World Preview Book for Final Fantasy XIII, and it clocks in at a whopping 160 pages total.

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NateNater3199d ago

So its basically a FFXIII Bible. Nice! I'll have to check it out

AP3199d ago

Yes! Do want, seems really comprehensive. Lots of awesome concept art and stuff in there too.. gonna order it today. :)

densai3199d ago

I'm gonna get it too.

AP3199d ago

I wonder if that has the Dengeki cover art without all the writing on it... hope so.

densai3199d ago

maybe it has a section about how the xbox version is gimped compared to ps3. id like to see kitase explain that in an interview LOL

AP3199d ago

What is there to explain?

amm3128d ago

i think that the graphics are awesome