IGN UK : Best PS3 Shooter Killzone 2

Killzone 2 isn't just a shooter – it's an experience. From your crash landing in the game's opening moments to the thrill of blasting Helghast with lightning and smoke filling the air to the jaw-dropping ending, you're seeing an entirely new and gritty world from behind the sights of many cool weapons

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omimasum3166d ago

Well deserved, Killzone 2 for me its hype well. It looks gorgeous and plays extremely well

gaffyh3166d ago

Influx of Modern Warfare fanboys in 3...2...1...

DasBunker3166d ago

can't wait for KZ3 and see how they've upgraded the engine.. also the cliff hanger in the end of KZ2 was awesome..

deadreckoning6663166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I wonder what the American IGN will say about this.

I agree with Alpha Male, these awards really don't mean anything to anyone except fanboys. There just normal people like us giving awards to games they like. Heck, I can give Killzone 2 the award for best shooter of the year on my website right now and no one would care. Gamers give crtics WAY TOO MUCH power.

WildArmed3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

aye k2 was great.
lol @ Uncharted 2 steals 4 awards in the Ps3 section :)
Epic game indeed

On a side note: Imma proud owner of the RPG of the year: Demons Souls :)

sikbeta3166d ago

KZ2 is just Amazing, don't care if it's not sell like teh CODz, KZ2 FTW!!!

Saaking3166d ago

KZ2 definitely deserves it.I mean, just look at the glitch fest that's MW2 and tell me that it's a good experience. It's not.

-Alpha3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Why does one game, a PS3 exclusive no less, get approved for winning best shooter of the year on one site? Tell me, why is this news worthy? It's nothing more than a PS3-ego booster, should all games that win in random website categories get their own article too?

At least make an article addressing IGN UK's End-of-the-Year awards instead of picking out Killzone 2 for no reason at all.


The variety you mention is MW2 is pretty standard in a lot of FPS, even games outside of the FPS genre. Shoot this, defend that, bomb that place, snipe this guy, etc.

Your right: I don't remember Killzone having those silent stealth missions, but Killzone 2 was a constantly action paced intense game. The point is, the "variety" in MW2 is in fact common and not as unique as you make it out to be.

Immortal Kaim3166d ago

Well I finally played Killzone 2 properly this last week, though the graphics are certainly great, I just couldn't get into it. I'm not a big shooter fan though, so I guess that has to be taken into account, as well as not having any emotional attachment to the characters (didn't play the first for an extended period of time). I can see why people do like it though, and the controls were a big plus for me, I liked the 'weighty' feel to movement etc.

I did only play the first 3 or so levels, so maybe I could push on? Thoughts?

TheBand1t3166d ago

Hell yea keep pushing. The greatest bits are towards the end.

specialguest3166d ago

Nice to see that there are gaming sites out there that recognize KZ2 as being the masterpiece that it is.

IdleLeeSiuLung3166d ago

Personally, I thought KZ2 was like most shooters (including Halo) a little repetitive. That is why I love MW2, due to all the variety that goes on in that game. The different was you play it.

In one moment it is completely run and gun, the next it is cover and hold and before you know it, you are sniping. No other FPS gives you that variety. Most just gives you different levels.

Lifendz3166d ago

It's gotta be KZ2. Every kill you get is a kill you earn. The class perks aren't so crazy that you rack up 40 kills by using them. And I don't think I ever spawned, got killed, spawned, and got killed again instantly in KZ2. Not to mention the controls feeling so realistic when you shoot. KZ2 is my shooter of the year. Wishing I hadn't let a friend of mine borrow it right now.

WildArmed3166d ago

I'm glad you noticed.. but IF you hadn't forgotten that Mw2 is on the ps3 too.
So basically it won over Mw2 with all it's crazy hype.
K2 deserves the shooter of the year alot more then Mw2. (opinion)
K2 does alot of things differently then most FPS care to do.
Mw2 is quiet generic to the T, with perks n killstreak/deathstreak awards thrown in the mix.

again this is pretty much an opinion.

we won3166d ago

Nice to see this game at least one somebody's list. That's cool it won, even though gamers disagreed with their wallets.

NecrumSlavery3166d ago

Killzone 2 is Shooter of the Year! It's good to see it get the reconition it deseves.

DaTruth3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

But you will get no laughs like that MW2 epic Javelin fail self own from this morning.

That still brings a smile to my face whenever I think of it! *Goes off to view epic javelin fail again*

Edit: After viewing the other winners and as a PS3 only owner, I'm gonna say this is pretty biased in favour of the PS3. This actually looks like the PS3 awards!(I like UC2 online, but I wouldn't go so far as to give it multiplayer of the year)

doG_beLIEfs3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I am not one 2 play FPS very often. Goldeneye, MOH, a bit of COD, and KZ2. The 1st 3 levels are just scratching the surface of what the game becomes. Keep playing the game, it gets more chaotic, more amazing, more difficult...especially the last level.

The A.I. will flank you from not just your sides but above or below even going as far as to shoot you in between the holes of a catwalk or above you in your blindspot at an angle thru glass something I have never seen b4 in any game's A.I. You can hear the A.I. telling the other NPC's where you are and how to attack you. They will jump on grenades to save their comrades, take cover in different spots so you cannot just sit there and wait for him to pop up in the same place. So many other things that I am not even mentioning and NONE of it did I see in reviews.

Never any slowdown no matter how much chaos is going on around you. And I hope that you are playing the game on the harder difficulty level for the full experience.

As for the best way to shoot, use short controlled bursts because the kickback will cause your gun to rise with every shot, use the cover system extensively as well.

Hope that helps.

I much preferred the realism to KZ2 with the weighty feel of the guns not to mention the kickback...something that COD or Halo or 99% of the other FPS out there do NOT do well or do at all.


rezenu3166d ago

Hell yes. This game is kickass.

pimpmaster3166d ago

i know kz2 is good and i have it but i find MW2 online alot better and obviously 2 million other ps3 games do to. kz2 didnt sell anywhere near as good. money talks and people like mw2 more cause the sales.

Immortal Kaim3166d ago

LOL some of you guys are too much, I can't voice an opinion without getting disagrees. Anyway thanks Dog for the post and PM, I will continue on with the game and see how I go. As I explained, it seems cool so far, it's just that it hasn't 'grabbed' me yet.

SilentNegotiator3166d ago

Best Shooter: Killzone 2
Best Action Game: Uncharted 2
Best visuals: Uncharted 2
Excellence in Sound: Uncharted 2
best MP: Uncharted 2
GOTY: Uncharted 2
Best Story: Infamous
RPG: Demon's Souls

Best Shooter: MW2
Best Action: Assassin's Creed 2
Best Racing: Forza 3
Best RPG: Dragon Age: Origins
Best Visuals: Visual Excellence (A Sub-HD game got best visuals on the 360....pretty sad)
Best Story: Batman:AA
Best MP: MW2
GOTY: Assassin's Creed II

Hmmm....looks like the PS3 got the better of their multiplat counterparts, and have both the multiplats and exclusives.

JonnyBigBoss3166d ago

Killzone 2 was underrated imo.

Light Yagami3166d ago

"Influx of Modern Warfare fanboys in 3...2...1... "

You're in N4G. It's full of Sony fanboys.

raztad3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Not only IGN UK but IGN US gave KZ2 the award in Best Shooter category. Demons Souls is the winner in Best RPG.

Finally some recognition for this so hated game. KZ2 is just awesome.

DS deserves to be the winner as well. It's the best RPG on the PS3.

Ravage273166d ago

someone who can look pass the mw2 hype and judge KZ2 on its own merits. Shame it didn't come out closer to the holiday season, would have snagged some GOTY awards too

RememberThe3573166d ago

I'm sure you didn't get disagrees out of scorn. They probably just don't agree with you.

MazzingerZ3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Gamereactor's overall GOTY

otherZinc3166d ago

We know who told the "Second Lie"!

There is know way Killzone 2 is the #1 Shooter in anyone's eyes, ridiculous!

ape0073166d ago

fpr 1 day and 7 hours nearly

I didn't see any disconnecting and gluitching except very few times that can be counted on your fingers

kz2 online was good too but I experienced"no host available"many times,much more than in mw2

5:1 ratio

and in mw2,host can change in game

I don't know how much some of you kid themselves


3166d ago
pixelsword3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I don't know if it's because you live in a different area or not, but I never had a disconnect on Killzone EVER; and I'm a general, have over 100 hours on the single player campaign.

And I wouldn't hesitate to say so if I did. Check my history; I'm a Halo fanboy and admitted on numerous occasions that I like the Halo Series better than the Killzone series overall.

Maybe it's your connection.

I mean like ever. Seriously? Really?

vickers5003165d ago

"And I don't think I ever spawned, got killed, spawned, and got killed again instantly in KZ2."

Then you have never played a public match in Killzone 2, or a match with more than 10 people with spawn grenades. Spawn grenades are the worst f*cking addition to FPS I have ever seen. They make Killzone 2 WORSE than call of duty. At least in call of duty, you can destroy the spawn points, and only the person that actually set the spawn point can spawn there, rather than the whole f*cking team like in KZ2.

"Not to mention the controls feeling so realistic when you shoot. KZ2 is my shooter of the year."

Realistic? You must be joking. Yeah maybe if your version of realism is on a planet that is 5x that the gravity of Earth. In Killzone 2, it feels like you are a f*cking turtle.

Killzone 2 is a good game, and very fun, but seriously, everything you just said (aside from you liking the game and it being your goty) is a complete crock of sh*t. If you seriously have never spawned, died, and spawned, then you probably don't play Killzone 2 very much.

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happy_gilmore3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

that game got boring really fast.. never beat the SP. it was booooring and the graphics aren't any good. but it's still a good game, though.

now, killzone 2 is a different beast. best SP FPS campaign this year. been playing MP regularly for months now. but it also has issues. no matching making forces you to play radec academy over and over. and the shootgun is overpowered.

IMO, uncharted 2 is the best shooter/MP game this year. awesome SP and no issue with MP.

talltony3166d ago

Even with the naysayers saying things like..." kz 2 only has good graphics," kz2 is generic,"" mw2 is gonna kill it when it comes out", "kz2 has terrible controls". Even with all these haters, kz2 still managed to maintain a 91 on metacritic and now has ign's best shooter of the year award. Kz2 deserves it cause no game feels this satisfying to kill somebody. Kz2 is easily the best shooter in a while.

xg-ei8ht3166d ago

I think they just took out the pearson home, INCOMING!!!!

Seriously, WD GG

Unicron3166d ago

Very nice. Congrats to GG. I had 3 main complaints however that I hope are rectified in KZ3 -

1) Aiming needed work (but was patched)

2) Classes needed better balancing. It could get a little excessive with rockets and choke points in the maps (smaller games were best!)

3) Online trophies? No thanks.

Still, amazing game, and far superior to MW2 IMHO.

kaveti66163166d ago

What's wrong with online trophies? You might want to get a platinum trophy for a game, but it should require skill.

Unicron3166d ago

Indeed, I agree with you to a point. A Trophy should require SKILL. But it should be MY skill, not based on how much I do/don't play the game in relation to other people. If it was kill X people in 10 seconds, sure, cool. But the whole "be in the top 3% for the week" thing just rubs me the wrong way, because OTHER people dictate that, not MY skill.

kaveti66163166d ago

Oh, I agree with that. I didn't think their would be a trophy for being in the top 3 percent. That's almost impossible.

WildArmed3166d ago

Aye. I hate trophy that require get 1000000 kills online.

or spend 100000 hours online..
thats bull.
Trophies like get 20 headshots in a match are kewl. Coz they do require skill.

Lifendz3166d ago

but devs are doing that because they don't want you to trade in the game. If you're really trying to trophy whore the game, you are going to bite the bullet and get that trophy. Given a choice, I have more respect for someone with the Gold trophy for beating KZ2 on elite mode than I do for someone that was in the top 3%. I can attest to what a pain getting that trophy was.

DaTruth3166d ago

Nothing worse than the Warhawk trophies and leveling. Some of the requirements were just ridiculous! I know people who still play Warhawk as their main game and are just reaching near general rank now!

cyberwaffles3165d ago

yeah i got all four weekly honor rank trophies during the first week of the game's release. i was so glad to get the top 1%, i thought i'd never get it.

also, it doesn't seem that hard to get them for me for some reason. just about every week i get one. i need to buy the damn game instead of renting it.

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cmrbe3166d ago

I know people will say that i a biased but the truth is without any hype or biased. KZ2 is the best FPS this gen for me. The only thing i didn't like about KZ2 is the story script.

GG put their heart and soul into creating the best war expereince in game. The AI is freaking Awsome. Those that played and beat Elite knows what i am talking about.

With all the crap haters were sprouting about the controls. I believe the controls are prefect. Its a perfect blend between realism and arcade shooters. I love the recoil and the defferent feel i get from firing different type of weapons. It really does make me feel like i am firing them in real life. The other thing people overlook in KZ2 over graphics is the sound. Play it with 7.1 and you will really feel like you are in a warzone.