Why Heavy Rain Needs To Succeed As A Genre

Matt G of the Bitbag writes: "When Heavy Rain's gameplay tech demo was first shown two years ago, I wasn't impressed. The game looked like a bunch of quicktime events in scripted way. Either you press this button and Option A happens or you don't and Option B happens. Since then with all the media that has come out and information that has been released to the public, I can admit that I was very wrong. You control your character (in terms of walking), you have multiple choices in what you can do, and your character can die but the story goes on.

After seeing all these new trailers, all I can say is 'Thank God!'. This is the type of game genre that I have been waiting for when it comes to gaming."

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darthv723082d ago

I didnt know heavy rain was a genre. Perhaps they should change that simply to "game". This type of game is not new as there are plenty of reactionary titles before it and will be after. Controling your character in different situations and various outcomes...sounds like every game ever created.

The game looks nice but may be to much of a niche to really get the attention it deserves. For it to succeed, sony just needs to market the crap out of it and make people take notice with clever ads and such.

Lifendz3082d ago

is that Heavy Rain is so different from everything else in it's desire to be an adult/mature game that it is essentially a new genre of game. Look at all the trouble people have categorizing it. It's not an RPG, it's not an adventure or action-adventure game, and it's not a series of QTEs despire what some trolls say. Maybe you don't agree with that, but you can't dispute how different this game is from most games.
The author was saying he hopes a game like this is successful. As gamers grow don't we all want our games to grow with us? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all games have to be like Heavy Rain in terms of story or seriousness but it is a breath of fresh air when something aimed at the "older" or "mature" gamer comes along.

Raf1k13082d ago

You're right it's not a genre but this game is doing things very differently and deserves to be noticed.

Also, Quantic Dream needs to be commended for doing something so different and I for one will support them with a purchase.

pippoppow3082d ago

Could be the start of a new genre. The game seems like more of an impressive graphic adventure game. Instead of the old point and click the player controls the character in a 3D environment. Hope to see more games use a similar engine and style in the future. I welcome more genres and would love for the return of some forgotten ones to return. So, I do agree that this game needs to succeed. If it does we may see more risk taking and more genres arise this gen.

sikbeta3082d ago

Because it'll encourage more Devs to make games like Heavy Rain instead of making a FPS

Variety is the WAY to GO

raztad3082d ago

HR resists a conventional classification. A previewer said HR is a RPG, but he could be wrong on that, so it's quite possible this "emotional experience" may be a genre on itself. We will see soon enough.

Ravage273081d ago

in a industry where 80-90% of games are shooters, games like HR are VERY much needed. There's only so many times i can play the same thing over again

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jack_burt0n3082d ago

Agreed the sony faithful need to support this title we desperately need variation. Day 1 buy from me. I want to see a bladerunner remake with this engine next.

Kurisu3082d ago

Sure, it may not have a genre, but I will be supporting Sony and the developers of this game. This is what PlayStation is about - Variety.

cmrbe3082d ago

1. I love variety.
2. Want more adult theme games.
3. Want more realistic games where you don't end up killing 500 + baddies.

pippoppow3082d ago

It is something how the PS3 has been delivering the types of games I've waiting for. A while ago I was wondering when a dark 3rd person fantasy game would come out and eventually Demons Souls came out. Also wondered when a game would come out with mature themes aimed at older gamers and now we will have Heavy Rain next year which will hopefully be the start of new genres appearing. Now, I'd like the return of some older genres like Space Combat, Mech Sims and FMV. Also the return of some old franchises or sequels to great games like Shining Force, Ultima, Phantasy Star, Wing Commander, Myth, etc.

sikbeta3082d ago

Totally agree with you cmrbe

Variety is the key to keep gaming fresh and this particular Adult game will make the people that think gaming is for kids open their minds and realise that is not that way anymore

Godmars2903082d ago

I'm buying it, but I doubt it'll be the major hit it needs to be. Will likely just become a cult classic.

ginsunuva3082d ago

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