End of Eternity dubbed in English AND Japanese for Europe

With Valkyria Chronicles, Sega shown the way for japanese RPGs this generation. They left the Japanese dub in all the western versions of the game, pleasing fans of original versions all around the world.

Sega announced today that their next RPG, developed by tri-Ace, will follow the same path for Europe...

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Masterjm3202d ago

What a good news. I hope it'll be the same for the european version of Final Fantasy XIII !!

Lucreto3202d ago

Doubt it as SE are fixing the lip sync to make they look like they are speaking english.

meepmoopmeep3201d ago

if so, i might just import this one.

(obviously the region-free one)

Ravage273201d ago

The english VO for Valkyria Chronicles wasn't bad, but i stick with the Jap VO for most of my playthroughs

GameGambits3201d ago

Only for the European version? Not USA one? If so I'll have to import this bad boy.

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