SOCOM: Confrontation Cold Front Game Play

Since Cold Front is being released on Thursday, we wanted to give you a look at some game play. This video shows footage from both of the new maps, Entrapment and Uprising. In the Uprising portion, you get your first glimpse of the new Arms Run game mode!

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Elvfam5112992d ago

Wish it was free for all the waiting is there a new update coming looks a little different

Delta2992d ago

Yea i wish it was free also

Chubear2992d ago

I had forgotten how sweet this game can be. That looks good.

WildArmed2992d ago

lol the socom beta left a sour taste in my mouth.
Refused to play it again, but this looks quite good.
Too bad Uncharted 2's MP has me pinned down for my online cravings.

pansenbaer2992d ago

It's 10 bucks. Really not that bad when you look at all it is. I mean, COD 4 maps were 10 bucks and it was for like 4 maps. No new game modes, weapons, customization, etc. SOCOOM is already great and this is just the icing on the cake.

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pinatbater2992d ago

Socom + patch 1.6 + Cold Front = SOCOM CONFRONTATION


finally new maps...this is to funny..slant six sucks