MW2 Multiplayer Is a Hot Mess

DualShockers writes:

Infinity Ward brought us Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which many gamers were calling a masterpiece and possibly the next best thing since sliced bread, but alas it seems the franchise has taken a sharp turn into a dark region, known as the crap zone. The multiplayer on each platform is plagued with issues from players having the ability to hit their 10th prestige without earning it on the PS3, to players having speed hacks on the PC version, to just an utter loss of control of matches on the Xbox 360.

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deadreckoning6663135d ago

So why are so many still playing? Just curious...

taz80803135d ago

I still play because I am hoping it will get fixed but I am growing tired of the shotty online play. A lot of other people are abusing this time to boost their stats.

tdrules3135d ago

a game with low effort for high reward.
what do you think

Dutch Boogie3135d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

There are more players on a certain platform because that is the only game worth playing. Matter of fact, the fact that overall 6 million people bought this rehash encourages developers to release unfinished games and over charge them for it.

taz80803135d ago

The bad part is that each version of the game has some form of hack/glitch/exploit in it currently. It all started with the javelin glitch and now has morphed into worse problems.

morganfell3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

The first thing you have to realize is dualshockers is a mess. Go back and look at some of the sensation seeking, hit inducing articles they have delivered. Utterly absurd.

I am not saying there are not issues - it's a REAL beta that is occurring before the game is completed - but dualshockers as a game site is a farce.

iiprotocolii3135d ago

It's pretty funny that everyone is trying to discuss issues regarding the game, and you jump on to discrediting the site. I've followed your comments numerous times and, as with the decrease of your bubbles, people are noticing that you're nothing but a rabid fanboy. Sensation seeking would be posting it all over the internet like forums, Digg, Reddit, etc. in order to try to bring in hits. We could care less about that, believe me.

If you really think that we're in this to make money, you're just being ignorant. Why don't you explore some of the articles besides the ones that attack Sony and hurt your feelings, rather than trying to belittle a group of international writers that bust their butts to compile discussions amongst gamers. You're a perfect example of the ignoramus elite fanboys that run rampant on this site.

Saaking3135d ago

Mediocrity should not be rewarded. IW doesn't deserve any or the praise they've gotten and MW2 certainly does not deserve any of it's awards.

DasBunker3135d ago

im glad i didnt buy this.. and if i ever do ill be sure to get it used..

hey atleast its a hot mess.. better than a regular mess..

Bathyj3135d ago

What I want to know is, if the multiplayer is so broken across all formats, and single player just seems to be an afterthought these days with the campain being about as long a the Extended DVD version of Lord of the Rings, then how are all these 9's and 10's the game got justified.

Ok this is not a CoD vs KZ thing, but this is my example.
Seriously, Guerilla Games release a shooter with a rare level of polish on it in these days of patching games, and looses points for no co-op which suddenly becames the most important feature for some reason, and IW release a rushed, buggy, broken MW 1.5 and it cant be praised enough, even to the point where some idiots think its GotY.

Lets get some consistancy in these reviewing systems can we?

The whole thing is a joke.
Any mag/site that gave it a 10, should be coming out right now and apoligising for rushing the review, getting caught in the hype, and misleading at best, lying at worst to consumers.

karan86243135d ago


You hit the nail on the head right there

Oner3135d ago

@ Bathyj ~ Excellent comment. Bubble & Agree.

Redempteur3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

i find funny that everyday i wake up , goes on n4g and see another article on ANOTHER glitch they found in MW2 multiplayer.

javelin , unlimited amno, no clip glitch , veteran lv 10 glitch, auto aim knife trowing glitch ..over players matchmaking glitch

and that's not even counting the articles on the lags , the unbalanced multiplayer and so on ..

now i sleep looking forward to witch glitch will be exploited and be put in the light by an article tomorrow .

morganfell3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I did not mention dualshockers making money. I implied they are incompetent writers that rely on sophomoric sensationalism. Where did I mention money?

All one need do is look at some of the ridiculous articles and assumptions proposed by dualshockers and it becomes readily apparent they are delusional AND sensation seeking.

I could care less if you attack, defend, or surrender. Bad writing is bad writing and ridiculous outlandish assumptions are bad for the industry and a blight on this site.

A decrease in my bubbles only means you have people that like you are afraid of the truth. My bubbles or lack thereof do not change the fact that dualshockers - a site that once propositioned me to write for them and I refused - haven't an ounce of talent or a smidgen of integrity. And since you were the one that asked me in a PM on this site then you should remember.

3134d ago
SilentNegotiator3134d ago

I agree with the "Mess" part.

Bathyj3134d ago

Thanks guys.

Anyone here with a blog or a website looking for an idea for an article?

Contact every site that gave a 9 or higher and ask, given the buggy mess that is MW2 online, do they still stand by their review score, and if yes, how do they justify it.

I would bet my left nut if you looked at those sites you would find less hyped, better games, where the scoring system wasn't so lenient.

theunknown3134d ago

Ever loved something so much that you would be willing to endure or try to counter (if you can) the fustrations?

DaTruth3134d ago

What Morganfell is doing is nothing new and a very excepted part of N4G. Calling out hit seeking, bad so-called journalists is a regular thing here and one need only visit one HHG article comments section to see this at its best!

There is far too much of that crap and all sensationalist, hit seeking or fanboy so-called journalists need to be called out, flogged, tarred and feathered!

@Morganfell: Bubbles!

7thNightvolley3134d ago

was on xlive today.. and joined a game.. RUST obviously.. 18 player free for all.. infinity ammo opened the stats.. and saw players with over.. 1000 kills literally.. and some 300 deaths ... joined another same thing but its domination with unlimited time to the game so u can play for literally 1 year if u can stay awake that long... the game only ended after a player uses tactical NUke to end it... that is if u can find a small camp house for a few seconds to get up to 25 kill streak to get that shyt..and u are playing there is so much stuff going on in the air its a freaking mess over 5 harriers and 4 helicompters AC130s maybe about 3 of those carepackages all over the follow u cant pic em.. coz u will die instantly it was funny at first .. but not fun when u wanna play a serious game...all in all... that game is badly broken in BADLY.

ape0073134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

for mw2 here,also so much hate for multiplat games that look better on xbox

mmmm let em think,if there was a ps3 exclusive maps coming,I CAN 100% assure you that there will be a HUGE change in comments,you'r gonna hear PRAISES everywhere

guys think outside the box,review the game,write cons and pros,let your opinion truly reflect the truth


guys tell me and EXPLAIN why you all were in love with cod4,why do I see this HUGE change in comments,mw2 is just as good or better than 4,is it because it was promoted,sold more,looked better,has more enjoyable online service,has timed exclusive maps and has better control on xbox 360,you liked 4 because IW did a great job PORTING the game 2007 when every game looked inferior on ps3???

do you feel like you are getting leftovers(no it's not mw2 ps3 is awesome too) from your most hated\the enemy console???

also I saw THE SAME LEVEL OF CHANGE IN COMMENTS TO FFXIII,when it was exclusive,you all were in LOVE with it,you acted like it was the best thing ever as soon as it was announced for xbox 360,the only thing I see is HATE comments and a total lost in interest,it feels almost like the game was canceled

well these acts become a trademark in N4G??

can you all please wake up!!

that's FANBOYISM my friend and you got to deal with it...

you guys need to get a life and think outside the box and give every game a true judgement based on a list of pros and cons and then don't worry even if you give it 0 out of 10,it's alright as long it truly reflect your true opinion

seriously guys get a life,im not a mw2 fanboy,game of the year imo is either uncharted 2 or mw2 or new super mario bros,just think and control yourself the RIGHT way

Admiral_Benson3134d ago

Superbly put, excellent comment and couldn't agree more

Bubbles+ to that.

BattleAxe3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

The online play on PS3 has been ok so far, but I wouldn`t have given this game more then an 8.5 out of 10.

Guido3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I have yet to experience anything worse than the Javelin Glitch. The best way to cure that one was to go into HC Team Deathmatch. After the idiots killed half their team they quit doing it. Besides, I have yet to have any issues and love the game so it's what I play.

Of course, I play on PS3 so to the idiot that claims people bash the game because they are PS3 players... STFU moron.

HungPHAT3134d ago

I went back to COD 4 much better game ! you don't see people sprinting around the map stabbing people 10 ft away , no double shotys , noob halo sticky grandes. I played it last night the servers were packed and people were Playing it and loving it

JeffGUNZ3134d ago

Exactly. I play it on the 360 and have experienced nothing that affected gameplay besides the javelin glitch, and that was limited. Yeah, sometimes I get into a lobby of a game I don't want, but we just back out and search again, usually problem is resolved right away. I bet most of these people trash talking this game haven't even played it at all and are just throwing fuel to the fire. The multiplayer is exciting and fun and I don't believe it's a mess at all. Once another update comes out, then what? People just enjoy bashing what is popular. My friends and I have never experienced any major gameplaying problems due to hacks or glitches and we all have invested 3 days worth of time on the online side.

iiprotocolii3134d ago

I would first like to touch upon the position that you were offered; first and foremost, it was offered when the site *launched* and was looking for writers. However, after closely monitoring your "discussions" and seeing how one sided your opinions are regarding gaming, I definitely changed my mind - hence, why it wasn't being pressed. Sounding intelligent is far from being it, and you, my good friend, are as ignorant as Radio.

Assumptions? Let me just say this, if you've been following DualShockers as much, I'm pretty sure that you would know that it is a *journalist* (keyword) site which publishes _news_ with regards to the gaming industry. Editorials relates to an article stating opinions or perspectives on a given subject. Whether or not they cater to your very own ideals isn't relevant. We don't write to make you happy - we write what we feel is wrong with the industry and publish it for others to discuss. I would like you to find me some of these "assumptions" that we've catered to, since I'm pretty sure we call it how it is - regardless of the console, publisher, or developer.

In your very own opinion, you might FEEL you're speaking the truth. If the majority of people are disagreeing, it's because they feel otherwise - and this has been shown throughout your record here on N4G.

You're very much entitled to your opinion, and best believe that I do respect it, just don't agree with it. It's just funny to see how people like yourself are quick to perpetuate the ideas of how sensationalist or how egregious writing from others are. It's easy to judge from the sidelines, bub. If you think you know the "truth" why don't you write some things up on a personal blog just to see how well received it is.

Point blank, good sir, we could care less if people aren't agreeing with us 100% of the time. We have our credibility, we have our fans, and we have industry folks praising us for our accomplishments in a four month time. All you're doing is giving people an incentive to check us out - and I sincerely appreciate it. Hate can be a great thing sometimes.

pixelsword3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

*Laughs at the hype of it all.*

pegger243134d ago

@ iiprotocolii
why even bother responding, you aren't gonna change his mind. I may not agree but appreciate the effort in getting gaming news to the masses.
On topic

play it or don't play it, who cares. I play it, the multiplayer is not broken, it just might need a few tweaks, but ultimately I find it fun. But I guess I am supposed to take it really seriously and be pissed if some guys want to create a room with unlimited ammo, or jump to a 10th prestige. Who gives a sh*t? don't like the room you are in, quit and join another one. My god, you fuc*ers complain about everything.

Anon19743134d ago

I just like playing the game. Unless someone has a particular cheat that ruins the game, what the hell do I care if some nerd wants to hack to get their level 10 prestige mode, or whatever the hell it is.

I just want to enjoy the odd match online. So far, I've had no issues. It's a great game!

rockleex3134d ago

Because I want to unlock the 1885 Shotgun with Akimbo.

Then I'll use it to run and gun people for a few days until I get bored, then I'll go back to COD4. ^_^

I went back to COD4 the other day, and my God! That game was amazing!

The controls were so responsive and precise. There was barely any lag, only once in awhile would you get a slight lag that disturbed your gameplay for a few seconds then disappear.

There were no ridiculous killstreaks that required you to be level 50+ in order to unlock the Javelin to take down the AC130 or Apachi, otherwise you're screwed and the other team gets a Tactical Nuke.

The maps were actually tactically designed, with strategic spots, counter-point spots, etc in COD4.

COD4 was basically a very balanced game where anyone can win with skill. MW2 is a glitchfest, unbalanced, untested, lagfest game.

morganfell3133d ago

"However, after closely monitoring your "discussions" and seeing how one sided your opinions are regarding gaming, I definitely changed my mind - hence, why it wasn't being pressed."

Hmmmm....looks suspiciously like this:

He (it isn't worth speaking to him directly) seems to forget who was asking and who turned down whom. It is apparently convenient it was in the aftermath of my more recent comments he claims to have changed his mind.

he also likes to be less than truthful. His exact invite to write for Dual Shockers reads:

"I've been checking you out on N4G and have taken interest in your outlook of things. Being that you have a fairly good understanding of the industry, from what I perceive, and aren't a grammatical ignoramus, I've taken the time to ask you if you're interested in writing. The goal of our site is to promote what the majority of gaming outlets don't nowadays - diverse writing; honest news; and opinionated pieces that aren't aimed at promoting flamebait. Of course, as the site moves forward, we're open to changes and additions to accommodate our readers and ourselves. I would love to talk with you on a more direct level (AIM, if you have it) and would like to hear your thoughts and opinions. We're looking for writers. Not just any writers, though. But writers that have a non-linear view of the gaming industry and community; a perk which I think you definitely have."

So did he check me out before hand or not? Which is it? Both of those statements are his and since they are opposing only one at most can be true.

He states he had been "checking me out." It is apparent that it took my calling dualshockers on the carpet to induce him to be really thorough... (as any decent real journalist would have been in the first place.)

What we are left with are two unavoidable deductions, one of which must be true.

First he is less than honest and wanted to me to write for his site all along. Only my recent affronts to his small site have forced him don a different public stance of pretense and counter attack not with facts but with petty claims of "However, after closely monitoring your "discussions"...&quo t;

If he is being honest it means he is so incompetent he could not properly delve into the record of someone he would have writing his site. With that poor research technique how reliable can they be?

Second, he is telling the truth and only researched my unchanged stance after the invite... in which case...see the above comment. One cannot have their cake and eat it too. It is either dishonesty or incompetent research. Neither of which paint dualshockers in a decent light.

The fact they have to go on the attack and defend petty articles is also a testament to their lack of professionalism and confidence in their poorly scribed articles. They are too naive to realize that they automatically lose any such argument the minute they act upon their perceived offense.

iiprotocolii3133d ago

Since I am much more mature than you are, apparently, I will respond directly to you. Not only is your argument dissipated after I already confirmed that I did in fact offer you a position on the site, but it also makes you look desperate to try and belittle someone because your debate skills are considerably lacking.

Did I, at some point, think you were a good candidate? Yes. I will reaffirm the answer to make you happy, seeing that you are in fact miserable. However, it still doesn't take away from the fact that, today, as it stands you are indeed a fanatic plebeian of a specific console that feels a sense of godliness by trying to belittle smaller sites which have accomplished more than you have... probably ever.

Let's make one thing clear, Morgan: our site, though small, has accomplished more in four months than others took years to do. I am not only happy to express that we do have loyal fans and that publishers and developers admire us, but am also smiling to myself in knowing that a person with little importance in this industry and community - such as yourself - tries so hard to knock down upcoming sites simply because a) You yourself aren't daring enough to make such a jump with your "truthfulness" b) You're afraid of criticism or c) Are extremely against catering to more than yourself

You're comparing journalistic and individual research to our hiring skills? LOL How does that even go hand in hand? Our press releases as well as our news and editorials are done by receiving press releases, interviews and years of experience in gaming. Where does that even compare? Seriously, Morgan, you're trying so hard to sound eloquently intelligent yet sound so ridiculous to those who can see between your child-like facade. Me trying to get you to write has nothing to do with how we publish and write our articles.

I'm not defending our articles, I am defending smaller sites. People like you who constantly try to diminish small sites through these remarks are exactly what's wrong with the gaming community. Perfect example?

"The first thing you have to realize is dualshockers is a mess. Go back and look at some of the sensation seeking, hit inducing articles they have delivered. Utterly absurd.

I am not saying there are not issues - it's a REAL beta that is occurring before the game is completed - but dualshockers as a game site is a farce."

People are discussing, before and after, the issues that plague the game and you go out your way to make us more popular. LOL You, good sir, won't ever reach the level we have, and you dislike us for it. Haters are a great thing, Morgan. And you're a perfect example of that. I've had industry people PRAISE our/my writing - I don't need someone who thinks they know it all and sits behind a computer to tell me that our site "is a mess" to convince me otherwise. We get millions of hits a month. Why don't you go read some of my editorials and then respond to me. My name is Yaris Gutierrez, by the way. Remember it. Go back to doing what you do best, my good man. Go hate and glorify us small sites.

And now, back to writing. /whistles.

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iiprotocolii3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

And this comes down to an editorial I wrote titled "Infinity Ward: Support Your Games" on the site; Although they release excellent games, the fact that they're not consistent with the issues that plague their games is a perpetuating issue with gamers. Don't get me wrong, the game is a great experience, but when you have issues like these not being fixed (as with numerous issues that still haunt Call of Duty 4), one begins to think just how much Infinity Ward takes their customers into consideration.

SpinalRemains1383135d ago

Or consider themselves for that matter. Did you see the fat mess that accpepted the award at Spike awards? How polished can a game be when the devs are out of shape and don't shave themselves?

iiprotocolii3135d ago

I expected issues with Modern Warfare 2. Every game has their problems, but most developers release patches as soon as possible to fix these issues. That's the difference.

taz80803135d ago

I am not sure if they go hand in hand but the last patch seemed to make things worse than they were before. I would have rather left the javelin glitch in if it would have kept these server glitchs out.

ZBlacktt3134d ago

Agree, difference here is COD is always under attack. From the hackers and cheater's as well. We had this issue with COD4 as well. So if you got the game not running right from the dev side. Then you got a massive amount of cheater's. That's more than just some issues.

Chadness3135d ago

That's why I stick to good single player games! :)

cranium3135d ago

Amen to that :)
I thought I was the only one.

Nihilism3135d ago

you are not alone friend

Bathyj3134d ago

I'm with you there guys, and you can all have bubbles.

Online is basically deathmatch, CTF or some variation of it, over and over again. You're constantly reacting to everyone else all the time.

I like single player because I like to play at my own pace, and I like games that let you do that. I sneak around alot and take my time. The game reacts to me.

Deathmatch is more like a bunch of chicken with their heads cut off, running around trying to get kills before they die themselves.

Somnipotent3134d ago

while i like occasional multiplayer games, single player is what i've grown up on.

Setekh3134d ago

I enjoy the good single-player experiences also.

7thNightvolley3134d ago

my friend.. at least on single player reviewers wont look so stupid since the game is likely not to break on u.

jeseth3134d ago

Demon's Souls.

While I loved UC2, KZ2, inFamous, Batman, Ratchet & Clank, Fallout 3, MLB The Show, Madden, and MW2 this year.

I feel that Demon's Souls was a game so challenging and rewarding I can't remember a game that kicked my ass and frustrated me so much but made me come back for more! Pick up Demon's Souls if you haven't already!

nix3134d ago

yeah.. i think MP at the end is rehash of the same. but i had fun playing Warhawk. and i had more fun playing KZ2 online. but i think that's enough for me now. i have only played UC2 Co-play because i wanted to see how it works. it's fantastic. haven't played the other variations because i think for now i'm done with MP.

Demon's Souls is going to keep me busy for now. it does have online MP though. it helps with the tips and blood stains. black phantoms please stay away from me. already the game is so tough. lol.

thief3134d ago

Or better still, something with both a fabulous single player AND a fabulous mulitplayer - KZ2 and UC2

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SpinalRemains1383135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

"Known as the crap zone"! Eloquent journalism indeed.