The Pressure is on Final Fantasy XIII

RPG Land writes, "And the time is almost upon us. The time for the generation's first main-series Final Fantasy title. The time, gaming brethren, for beginning sentences - nay, entire articles - with conjunctions. We're at a rare juncture in history. For the first time in eight years, (main series) Final Fantasy is making the jump to a new generation. The pressure is on Final Fantasy XIII." The last time Final Fantasy's main series titles treaded ground onto a new console was with FFX. The historic situation RPG fans are in is interesting.

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Godmars2903203d ago

Right now with a 39/40 score, being part of a franchise second only to Dragon Quest, the only way it will be considered a failure is if it sells less than a million by by the end of the week.

Tony P3203d ago

So I wonder if WRPGs can finally give the king of console RPGs a run for its money outside Japan.

Noctis Aftermath3203d ago

How is FF second to DQ?

But on topic, there is alot of pressure on FFXIII and part of the reason is because this is the first real FF game that SE has made, all the monster hits were made by squaresoft, i just hope the merger with enix hasn't tainted the FF series.

knifefight3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Godmar: that's true in the short term.
The longterm opinion of the game won't be seen until, well, the longterm though, and general opinions of games can sometimes change over time.

Godmars2903203d ago

Quite simply because the FF franchise was literally 2nd. Its a direct clone and rival to DQ when Square and Enix were separate dev houses. But where DQ pretty much tells the same story over and over, a nameless evil that had to be defeated by an equally nameless hero with little improvement in graphics and gameplay, Square used FF as a showcase of their skills. Did the same thing with the hero saving the world, but made it as much about the journey as the destination. Have defined characters to the point they're industry icons with their own fan following.

And why people whine about most of them being whiny emo trans-gender b*tches.

And with Lightning, maybe Snow, pretty much at that level with XIII not even out yet knifefight, I say the only reason to worry about longterm is if the story sucks at Plan Nine from Outer Space level. I figure as worst it'll only be as bad as Avatar's, but have just as many f/x.

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MajestieBeast3202d ago

For me if this 1 fails i just might give up on the franchise after ffx-2 and ff12 they really need a good final fantasy game in my eyes. Im still not happy with the new combat system what was wrong with the 1 that i grew up with did the tweenies that play mw2 not like it?

knifefight3202d ago

I think a whole lot of people share your thoughts, MajestieBeast. And that's what makes these first-on-the-console titles such backbreakers if they go wrong. Shake up the faith early in the generation, and it can be very hard to win it back.

kewlkat0073202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

The first "Final Fantasy" game to hit a next-gen consoles have been treats.

[SNES] Final Fantasy III
[PSX] Final Fantasy VII
[PS2] Final Fantasy X
[PS3/360] Final Fantasy XIII

There are major difference this time around with no "Hironobu Sakaguchi" or "Nobuo Uematsu" at the helms.

With FFXII[not my favorite] the game turned into an MMORPG style instead of you traditional(turn-based) I've been used to. I do not play MMORPGs so I'm not that fond of that direction hence why I love "Lost Odyssey" style gameplay/music.

We'll see when this comes out, I still do not know the Battle style. Anyhow I'm still not sold on Square-Enix and still was a big fan of Squaresoft.[Looking at history]

knifefight3202d ago

I definitely agree for the most part but wasn't Final Fantasy IV the first FF on SNES? Wasn't III still on the regular NES?