ASUS claims they are first to support upcoming 32nm CPUs then retract press release got a glimpse of a strange press release on the ASUS official website that has since been removed. The official press release claimed that ASUS will be the first to support the upcoming 32nm CPUs, with details on which models will handle the new chips. GameObserver did manage to get a copy the article in its entirety, so you can check out what the original piece stated before it was deleted.

Original Press Release (before getting deleted)

"Taipei, Taiwan, December 15, 2009 – ASUS today announced that it is ready to support the upcoming 32nm processor based on the LGA1366 socket and the Intel X58 chipset. This next-generation 32nm infrastructure, supporting six multi-cores, will deliver maximum performance to ASUS X58-based motherboards via a comprehensive BIOS upgrade."

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