Electricpig: Red Dead Redemption: First Look

Electricpig writes: "Red Dead Redemption is the sequel to the Rockstar 2004 Western Red Dead Revolver, but from the early preview code we were demoed by the company at its London HQ, it takes an awful lot from the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 4. The main difference? You take on missions across a vast wilderness straight out of a John Ford movie, and your ride is a horse, not a Chevy.

Set at the turn of the twentieth century, as the old, lawless West is beginning to die, you play as John Marston, a reformed outlaw you might have seen in the most recent Red Dead Redemption trailer tracking down his old gang members. Rockstar couldn't tell us any more about the narrative, and the build we were shown had cut scenes missing, but we got to witness how the gameplay works in depth, and it looks nothing short of epic."

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