What We Already Know About Arkham Asylum 2

That was fast. Less than four months after the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum – aka, the greatest superhero game ever made – a sequel has been officially announced. Even more exciting? The news came packaged with a surprisingly dense teaser trailer, meaning that rampant speculation and freeze-frame detective work can already begin.

Who are the villains? Where's the setting? What's the story? Clues to each of these questions are included in the video… you just need to know when to look.

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Jsynn73142d ago

I saw the Iceberg sign and I knew right away that penguin would be in this game. I didn't notice the signs for other characters. Two face is my second favorite villain (obviously Joker is my 1st). It should be interesting. I wish they made an open-world Batman game. Until then, this will keep me busy.

sabestar3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I have to say their observations are very impressive. Especially with the cat. I would have needed a magnifying glass to notice that.
I definitely love the where the second game is going and can't wait to see Gotham and the new asylum.

Xandet3141d ago

I also liked what a commenter said about the silhouette of Batman: "I want to point out that in the reflection of light given by the car that is lit on fire you can see a shadow of batman holding a man in the air but as the camera slowly shifts the man starts becoming deformed and larger. normally, this could just be due to the shift of camera, but the shadow of batman doesn't change and only the man, easily hinting at clayface"

Awesome findings.. I can't wait to see more!!

BldyShdw3141d ago


I was really hoping he would be in it. Oh well I love Dent (Two-Face) and cant get enough of The Joker

PoisonedTea3141d ago

I think Ra's al Ghul is being saved for Batman AA:3 - I bet he'll be revealed to be the "puppet-master" of everything as far back as Batman Arkham Asylum 1 - I have the same theory for the new Batman movies. Ra's is meant to be immortal so I doubt he died in the train-crash at the end of Batman Begins.

raWfodog3140d ago

Don't tell me that you think 'Batman Begins' was an accurate telling of the Batman mythos? Hollywood definitely messed that up. 'Dark Knight' too.

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