Batman: Arkham has "run its course"

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 could not be set in Arkham at all, if comments made by the game's senior gameplay programmer, Paul Denning should be taken seriously.

Speaking in a retrospective on the original game in PC Zone magazine, Denning said the Gotham prison had probably "run its course" and other areas in the city would be "ideal" for gameplay.

"I think you're probably right in that it's almost run its course," he replied, when asked if there were other areas of Gotham developer Rocksteady would like to explore.

"We did pick a selection of buildings that we thought would fit the [original] game well," he added. "You could quite easily point out that there are various things that you wouldn't usually find in an asylum especially on an island that's supposedly self-contained.

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Mr Logic3138d ago

I thought that was pretty obvious from the trailer. I'm just wondering what they're going to call it.

NecrumSlavery3138d ago

Well as the batman symbol chips away you can tell it'll have a new subtitle, like Gotham or something.

My best guess is you will travel to diferent areas of Gotham, I think there will be some driving/flying/boating/etc, but I assume the map system will be much like Metroid Prime, where you watch a video of Batman heading to the next area via video while background loading. Batman won't be a sandbox game(I Hope), but with a Map like Metroid/Parasite Eve. I assume the game will feature a small bit of Arkham, but mostly museums, the zoo, iceberg cold storage, and of course you know there will be an epic fight at Wayne Tower. These are some things I'm predicting.

I'm excited for the next game. Arkham Asylum is one of the best games of 2009 let alone his generation, and I see big things for the next installment.

Oh and PS Rocksteady, I don't care how crucial it is to have co-op, you ensure that if you add Robin as a playable character that you do not gay him up. He's the biggest problem with Batman and I want you to earn more awards next year.

Mr Logic3138d ago

Oh obviously. IMO Arkham Asylum 2 would be the stupidest thing. I also don't want them to make an open world. I would rather have it more linear and story based.

sinncross3138d ago

Of course Arkham has run its course.

Who really wants to play in the exact same environment and locations in the game's sequel...

Eiffel3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Why does no one think this is too early? As soon as I saw the trailer my first reaction was.

"Well they beat Left 4 Dead 2 in speed that's for sure"

krouse933138d ago

Well Because Left For Dead Had a community this game has no community only leader boards.

zafeiriou3138d ago

it has something to do with the fact that Left4Dead only had 4 levels and could be easily expanded before a sequel whereas Batman: Arkham Asylum is quite complete and difficult to expand on.

Razmossis3138d ago

Well, considering it's only a CG Trailer, there's a chance that it'll still take the best part of a year to come out.

But consider this;
-They are using the Unreal Engine - which is meant to be pretty easy to work with.
-It seems they've really got the hang of developing on both consoles.
-They really have a GREAT base to work from with the first game.

Really all they have to do is write and record a new story - which shouldn't be too difficult since there is 70 years of Batman to pick and mix from!
Then actually build the game - again shouldn't take too long, great base, Unreal Engine

Throw in a few new ideas/mechanics and there's really no reason that this speedy release still can't be great!

I just hope it's like a good 15hrs long

Tony P3138d ago

It is really quick, yes. If they can pull off the an equal or better experience though, more power to them.

Eiffel3138d ago

Amazing I have five disagrees despite my question was completely neutral.

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MajestieBeast3138d ago

I seem to agree with eifel on this i think its to fast like 5months after release they announce the second game.

TheIneffableBob3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

It's more like 3 1/2 months.

LtSkittles3138d ago

It is early,but a sequel was going to be announced anyways what with the ending, and all. I don't see a problem. RockSteady know what they're doing, and that's good.

dirthurts3138d ago

They tone down the muscles just a bit on the ol batman. He was way too build in the game for my tastes. He's agile, and you don't get that big and stay agile.

CobraKai3138d ago

But it's Unreal, I don't think that is possible. Even the Joker ended up hulking out

Magnus3138d ago

I wonder if it will be free roaming like Prototype and Infamous

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