Pachter's Podium: Marketing Wasn't GTA Chinatown Wars' Problem

Industry Gamers writes:

"It's time for the latest in our monthly Q&A series with Wedbush Morgan Securities' Michael Pachter. Last month, the analyst looked at Xbox Live pricing, Reggie Fils-Aime's denial of Wii HD and the third-party situation on Wii. For this edition, we asked Pachter about Cammie Dunaway's recent explanation about GTA Chinatown Wars on DS, the state of Tony Hawk and more."

Here's the complete agenda:
* GTA Chinatown Wars and mature titles on Nintendo platforms
* What will happen to the Tony Hawk franchise?
* Can Activision go beyond annual releases with Call of Duty?
* Will Halo Reach top 2010 as Aaaron Greenberg predicted?
* Is the upcoming CES going to have any major game announcements?

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