Evil Avatar: The Saboteur Review

Evil Avatar writes: "For the purposes of this review I will attempt not to lament the passing of Pandemic. That's a pretty difficult thing to do after just finishing off The Saboteur. Inspired by real events (William Grover-Williams isn't ever mentioned by name) this open-world game takes place in occupied France during World War II. Taking inspiration from GTA, Pandemic's own Mercenaries franchise and Assassin's Creed you play as Sean Devlin: racing driver, Irishman and foul-mouthed hero. When the Nazis descend you and your best friend find yourself in trouble. He gets the rough side of the deal, both accused of spies he takes a gunshot to the head. Recruited by Paris' resistance force you set out to bring down the man responsible for pulling the trigger."

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dgroundwater3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Too bad they didn't get an extra 3-4 months to polish off this game. Most reviews say it could have been AAA.

trgz3200d ago

Dr Tenebaum, you're alive!