New EA Sports MMA Fighters Announced

As promised, EA revealed the identities of several EA Sports MMA fighters today. Seven fighters were announced in total.

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Pennywise3141d ago

This game is a bunch of no name fighters and has-beens. EA is setting itself up for a flop!

Yi-Long3141d ago

... I'd rather see them release a proper K1 fighting game.

...or better yet, screw all this realistic crap, and just release a proper follow-up to one of the very best fighters ever: Def Jam Fight for New York!

EvilCackle3141d ago

Def Jam definitely wins a "Most Surprisingly Uncrappy Use Of A License" award. You know what sequel I want more, though? It was this SNES/Genesis game where players controlled giant monsters (big robot, Godzilla style monster, etc.) in a city. The name escapes me but that sort of thing would be neat with next-gen graphics.

Polluted3141d ago

@dimeford: King of Monsters, I think.

tetsuhana3141d ago

Those were all strikeforce fighters, they're only no names if you're an MMA noob

UnderpaidHonkee3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

UFC undisputed is awesome. THe only person i give a crap about that isn't in UFC is Fedor emilianenko.
I never had a psone but my buddy did. And I remember rampage. you played as king kong, godzilla, and some giant werewolf. They should make a sick game about that.

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cyguration3141d ago

@Yi-Long, I agree. UFC is not what it used to be (remember when they could use nerve strikes and it was tournament based like Tekken? Yeah, that ruled)

UFC and MMA is now composed of too many rules that only favor wrestlers and specific submission-style martial arts. K-1 and Pride own up.

As for EA's take on could go one of two ways...

Stationfan3141d ago

As I stated before sure it doesn't have UFC fighters, but they can go around this if they implement the charcter creater in FNR 4. Were you could download Anderson Silva(nio) who coincidently looks alot like Anderson silva catch my drift.

One3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

why does ea feel the need to release a sh!ttttty mma title they already own madden

EvilCackle3141d ago

Because UFC 2009 Undisputed made a whole lot of money?

PureGamer3141d ago

lmao at some of the ignorant comments in here. no names? laughable.

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