Video Game Timeline [1967-Present Infographic]

Video games have come a long way as the time line shows from the early days to today's awe inspiring graphics and gameplay, has gaming reached it's full potential or are the possibilities endless?

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TheDarkCynic2895d ago

This just made me feel really, really old.

Ziriux2895d ago

I know I'm only 24 and this infographic makes it seem like I've leaved many decades.

Saaking2894d ago

I started gaming with NES. Good times. I still play some of my older consoles from time to time.

specialguest2894d ago

My timeline started in the 3rd generation, but with 2nd generation consoles sigh...

Oner2894d ago

Atari 2600 was my first console that I actually owned, but I had played with an Odyssey, Vectrex and other early machines. If I listed every console I have owned (or still own) it would be pretty amazing to look back and know the amount of great games I have had the gift/pleasure to experience.

sikbeta2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I love gaming, I started with the famicom and I'll never stop

This song will make you feel all of you better with the nostalgia

BaYo1822894d ago

@ Ziriux
lol dude im 23 and i feel old!.. i started playing with the 3rd generation, being a chinese nintendo that came with 66 games pre install in the system! and all the games where in english not chinese how awesome is that.. of curse at that time my english was fu.... horrible, hell even my spanish was horrible. i just play the games with my GAMER INSTINCT not even knowing what was going on in the game lol.... anyway had played with one of the first generation sistems the atari 2600... one regret i still have is not have bought the DREAMCAST when it went to sell with like 20 games 4 controlers all for like 100 bucks in a local gamestop that i used to go. that day still hunts me down..

NoBias2894d ago

The 5th generation was GOLDEN.

Great times.

specialguest2894d ago

5th generation was definitely my favorite generation.

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Andrew Wiggin2895d ago

This is one of the best images the internet has given me in quite some time

Ziriux2895d ago

Yea, it was a beautifully done info graphic.

karan86242894d ago

This is definitly in the top 1000 for me after all the porn ones :P

cb8102895d ago

I was alive for most of this...

Ziriux2895d ago

Darn, you're old! :) all joking aside, pong makes anyone feel old.

Cinotix2895d ago

We've come a long way since gaming begun. Epic, graphics, stories and even gameplay.

Jamescagney2894d ago

The epic story of one bat versus another. There could be only one.

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The story is too old to be commented.