Eight things that would make Mass Effect 2 better than its predecessor (with pictures)

Hooked Gamers writes: "With Mass Effect 2 just around the corner, I went Indiana Jones on the pile of games that lives inside what used to be my book case and - with total disregard for my personal safety - retrieved my copy of Mass Effect from it. After the dust settled and my PC was visible at the other end of the room (nah, I'm married, my wife would never allow me to let it get that bad) I installed the game and gave it another play-through.

As with the first time, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. Bioware sure knows how to tell a story. But there were some old annoyances too. Even with Patch 1.02 installed, some of these annoyances were still present. Below a list of eight things that would make Mass Effect 2 a better game over its older brother."

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ASSASSYN 36o3169d ago

Proof people whom write articles about games don't research if their gripes have been addressed already. The elevator have already been addressed. And this person is not aware if these issues have been until the game is released.

Kiriel3168d ago

Ehm, it says that the elevators have been fixed in the article. Reading is an art. :)

pr0digyZA3168d ago

wow i agree with some of the things he said .but a comment like "there is no cross hair. A wide circle shows the approximate area that you are firing at"-if he read the manual he would see that depending on the class you choose you will have better aiming due to your proficiency with a class.i chose biotic/soldier so my assault weapon had a huge reticule but if i had chosen just soldier then it would have been smaller (plus when you up-grade, your reticule gets smaller,try the aim down sites button it helps.)Then the sound of footsteps thats as lame as people giving UC2 a bad score for no marks.