Gaming Nexus: MX vs. ATV Reflex Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "When I last sat down with one of THQ/Rainbow Studio's MX vs. ATV games, it was the "Untamed" version. I never did really figure out what the "untamed" aspect brought to the game, but I do remember liking it, despite the fact that I was very, very bad at it. Remembering more my overtly dramatic and ostentatious face-plants and crashes than any modicum of demonstrable skill, I recall that I wasted a lot of time that should have been spent racing picking myself and my racing vehicle up from the track and trying to get back into the thick of things. I also remember enjoying the head to head racing events far more than doing any of the aerial tricks that are so popular with the X-Games crowd. It's not that I have anything against throwing the bike around and showing off a little bit, mind you. It's more that I couldn't seem to memorize the esoteric stick motions that would summon forth any particular trick. My methodology rapidly devolved into a "stir the sticks around, hope for a good trick, and splatter on the landing" kind of thing."

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