Trophy List Final Fantasy XIII Revealed

PS3-Sense writes: "Today, the trophy list of Final Fantasy XIII has been revealed to the big public. The list has a value of 6 bronze, 3 silver, 2 gold, 1 secret platinum and 16 other secret trophies"

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Aggesan3206d ago

This will be a tough one: Gold trophy - Collector of All Things – Collect all weapons and accessories

WildArmed3206d ago

I thought all retail games held the same trophy value overall. This seems to be less then most game..
2 gold
3 silver
n a chunk of bronze o_O
Do the values of gold/silver/bronze differ from game to game?
coz Demons souls had more gold, silver and bronze trophies then this =/

just curious..
Never the less, can't wait for march.

Fishy Fingers3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I think each trophy level is assigned a value, so they all equate to the same number of points for your rank as any other game. I'm pretty sure a Platinum in Uncharted (all trophies) would hold the same value towards your "rank" as say, FFXIII, however they decide to divide them up, bronze/silver/gold.

sikbeta3206d ago

Is going to be difficult, but it really worth

Foliage3206d ago

Fishy is correct.

360 values must equal 1,000
PS3 values must equal 950-1,050

According to the design team for the project I'm working on. It's probably a TCR/TRC requirement.

Critical_Hit3206d ago

Well there's 16 secret trophies which you of course unlock during specific events of the game. Those secret trophies can be anything from bronze to silver or gold.

gaffyh3206d ago

* Perfect Diamond – Learn all abilities to the fullest
* Collector of All Things – Collect all weapons and accessories

^Now those are what I call trophies! Nice to see they won't be easy.

FamilyGuy3206d ago

That's great, I'd hate to have trophy names spoil the games story before it's even in my hands.

NecrumSlavery3206d ago

I don't know anyone who got Aerith's Ultimate Weapon in VII because most people give up on grinding and leveling her up before she met her fate. So collecting everything sounds tough(If the pacing of the game has events like that).

If the PS3 versions side quest unlock/lock to the pace of the 360's multiple disc swapping, it may be much harder in the US/UK versions than the JP version. Hopefully the bluray won't be hindered and the entire game will be opened up.

Seven_ate_Nine3205d ago

I actually took the time to do that on my second playthrough. Took me forever to get it too but I felt proud of myself in the end :)

FarEastOrient3205d ago

So far it looks like I'm going to be spending more time than Fallout 3 and Dragon Age: Origins in getting the platinum for this game. Get everything... gotta collect them all ^_^

WildArmed3205d ago

ah i see, thanks for the info

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happy_gilmore3206d ago

and i wonder how hard it is to slay a wandering behemoth.

raztad3206d ago

I dont even try to platinum a RPG. They are time consuming by nature, more grinding and additional stuff to get all the trophies is not something I would want to spend the rest of my life.

WildArmed3206d ago

If it's a game i love, i wouldn't mind cutting down on game time on other games I could be playing for a RPG.
As long as I enjoy the game, I dont care how long i spend on it.
I can spend 600 hours in 4 different games or one game.. as long as its fun it dont matter.

Killermen3206d ago

I'm a trophy hunter myself and I must agree, most of us won't complete it. But I see this as a challenge, so I think I will get this one :p

LionheartAce3206d ago

is too weak! Give up on gaming! XP

Just kidding. Just be glad it's not on the level of grinding like Persona.

Hellsvacancy3206d ago

Theres 2 mofos on my friends list that hav Plated Demons Souls would u believe it - thats hardcore gamin man

Marceles3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Disgaea 3 and Cross Edge is ALOT worse than this when it comes to grinding

Christopher3206d ago

Pretty much. Dragon Age: Origins the is the perfect example. Not only do you need to play through each race/class/background option up to Orzammar, you'd also have to play through at least twice in entirety to have the ability to make the various decision-based actions for half of the trophies. Fallout 3 kind of pissed me off with their tracking karma (good/evil/neutral) at the various levels, all the way up to 20. No good reason to replay that game three times while managing my karma just for a platinum trophy.

I really hope RPG developers start to provide some less story-driven trophy options that don't require you to replay the whole game multiple times considering a good RPG will take you 40-60 hours to complete at least once.

Hellsvacancy3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

With Fallout 3 mate just save the game at level 19 (just b4 u hit level 20) get ya good karma trophy then load the previous save data go massacre a load of innocent people then bling bad karma trophy and so on till u hav them all, thats wot i did

KillaManiac3206d ago

I agree with above....FFXIII trophies have nothing on Disgaea 3 and Cross Edge.

Baka-akaB3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

well actually trophies for rpgs or fighting games would be the only ones i'm bother with .

Because well achievement appeared with those anyway way before xbox , 360 and ps3 in games like star ocean 3 ... and even before i'd always have the habit to do everything possible in those .


What would be the interest of that ?
Isnt the whole purpose of those in solo games or single players game to have you replay it multiple times ? Once course trophies would be tied to story points and choices .

And i've yet to see one of them not rewarding you with a few gold for just finishing it .

Christopher3205d ago

IMHO, no platinum trophy should require more than 80 hours of investment in a single player game. The point is to not over-inflate gameplay by forcing people to replay the whole game multiple times just to get different results. It's a cheap way of saying the game can be 'expanded' beyond 40-60 hours of a typical single playthrough.

Infamous did the same thing, but it only took 8-10 hours to do the second play through. I'm having trouble playing through Dragon Age twice considering how much of the content is just not new to me. And heck if I don't have tons of games already on hand to play as well as tons more in the next three months to play instead of replaying a game I already finished along with 100% of the side quests.

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militant073206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I doesnt seem easy 1000/pltinum.

but Im aming for 1000 Gs

kingdavid3205d ago

Too funny. This guy gets disgrees just because he is getting the 360 version.

JD_Shadow3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Why are you people always like that: all disagrees HAVE to be coming from fanboys. If he wants to get the 360 version, then fine. None of us really care about THAT.

He's getting disagrees because the trophy and achievement lists will have the exact same list of things you have to do to get them. I don't think there has been a list let that had completely different lists between each system (maybe one or two besides the PS3's Platinum trophy). He's saying that it would be easier to get the 1000Gs from the 360 version than getting the Plat from the PS3 version (when both lists will be exactly the same).

Now do you see where the disagrees (and lack of logic) have come from? Think about it.

kingdavid3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

What a silly argument! Look at his profile, he has a ps3. Does he look like a fanboy?

Naive much?

He obviously said hes aiming for 1000 gs because he is getting the xbox version of the game. Surely you can deduce that? And because he is not aiming for trophies, he is getting disagrees which is just plain funny.

That makes 100000x more sense considering most of the attitudes on this site.

WildArmed3205d ago

or simply some people though that gettin the plat/1000 GS will be easy so they hit disagree? =/
Coz you know its not always about OMG HE MENTIONED CONSOLE X instead of CONSOLE Y

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firetaw3206d ago

those 16 secret trophies are worth a nice chunk and/or will have some pretty bad ass enemies to beat. never got a trophies in ff8 to beat omegaweapond . maybe this time il have something of the sort. rest of it is story. but no difficulty trophy's. guess this will be the same experience for everyone.

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