Top 25 Games of the Decade: #11 Halo: Combat Evolved

"Pushing the genre forward with two equipped weapons, incredibly diverse enemy AI, realistic physics, and a gameworld which gamers could get lost in instantaneously, Halo: Combat Evolved was undeniably one of the best games of the past decade.

Sure, there are naysayers, but not even they could deny Halo: Combat Evolved's immense popularity. It helped pave the way for first-person shooters to transition from PCs to the consoles, and with that, Halo: Combat Evolved is a precursor to what we know as gaming today."

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GWAVE2993d ago

Yes. Thank you for putting Halo:CE on the list. Not Halo 2 or Halo 3. Those were NOT revolutionary or evolutionary.

The first Halo - however - WAS something special.

Viewtiful2993d ago

You're right that the first Halo was probably the best game, but saying that Halo 2 wasn't revolutionary is just flat out wrong. Every single online multiplayer shooter since Halo 2 (and with Modern Warfare 2 this is starting to include PCs as well) has been based on Halo 2's online system and matchmaking.

Halo 2 set the tone for the second half of the decade and gave rise to the popularity of online shooters on the console which eventually turned into one of the biggest genres around.

Personally, I'm glad Halo CE is on the list rather than Halo 2, but Halo 2 was extraordinarily influential.

GWAVE2993d ago

"Every single online multiplayer shooter since Halo 2 has been based on Halo 2's online system and matchmaking"

Sorry, but you are dead wrong. Halo 2's matchmaking and online is based on PC FPSs. Yes, Halo 2 was the first and best to do it ON CONSOLES, but PC FPSs were miles ahead of what Halo 2 was doing on consoles.

Viewtiful2993d ago

Sorry. Completely disagree. PC shooters have historically been based on a server model, not on a matchmaking system.

Caspel2993d ago

Bungie needs to get back to where they began with Halo 1.

Xi2993d ago

even l4d took this approach where as tf2 didn't, prior to which all of valves games had been based on server user model. That speaks volumes for how halo's match-making has changed online communities.

In halo 3 you get a boat load of new movie making features, something else relatively new. Sure in games you can make movies, but in those cases you never get full access to roam the map, pause, re-wind etc. I believe that this was a lot of the inspiration for the system in uncharted 2 too.

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