Give the Gift of Indie Games This Year [Xmas List] writes: "Chances are that you, reading this site right now, have more than a few friends who'd also be considered gamers. Chances are also considerably high that at least a few of these friends are not avid indie gamers. Let's face it, most Call of Duty-ing, Halo-ers just aren't that into indie games. Not because they vehemently hate them or anything, but, more realistically, because nobody has bothered to show them the world of gaming that exists underneath all the mainstream marketing glitz that simply over-powers everything else. But that's where you come in...

With Christmas just about on top of us, there's probably still a lot of shopping to do in between now and then and, while you may be struggling with some of your game-loving friends, we've got your back as we introduce you to our favorite picks for this year's Christmas. Plus, you can take solace in knowing that your friend/family member probably won't already have this game or buy it as an impulse purchase while they're out doing their own holiday shopping."

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Cat3136d ago

Great list - Just started playing Osmos this past weekend and it's a really fantastic game.

BacteriaEP3136d ago

Yeah, Osmos is rad. I find it to be one of the most relaxing games... almost too relaxing...