1UP: Army of Two: The 40th Day Preview

1UP writes: "There're two kinds of Army of Two players: those who abhor, and those who love, the sequence where series protagonists Elliott Salem and Tyson Rios argue about the Wu-Tang Clan while fending off hostile Chinese military. Players either felt that such an inane conversation in the middle of what should be a serious military game was indicative of the game's inconsistent tone, or they simply loved the absurdity of having an argument about the Wu-Tang Clan while mowing down Chinese soldiers. I actually belong to the latter half, simply because that conversation was a bizarre and amusing break from some of the more melodramatic handwringing in the script, but I completely understand why others view it as inappropriate -- the same way you shouldn't have fist-bumps and bro-hugs in a game about unsavory Private Military Contractors."

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