EA: Modern Warfare 2 Airport Scene Went Too Far

EA "wouldn't have done" the now-infamous Modern Warfare 2 airport scene, a Montreal producer has told CVG.

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DasBunker3204d ago

why? its almost the same as killing random people in GTA..

or is it because the traumatic things americans have with terrorists and airports?

i think recreating the horrible genocide that was WWII over and over again is worse than this..

WildArmed3204d ago

Exactly. No one cares but the media.
People didn't give a second thought when movies/games are made based on such horrific events. It's just certain people get that caught and blamed.. look at the devs of Six Days of Fallah or w/e it was.
Since IW is a bigshot with CoD4.. no1 cared.
this is where The Truth 2009 should come in and say:


Kalowest3204d ago

That was my favorite part of the game.

GameOn3203d ago

I thought it was boring crap since you move like a slug and it seemed kinda unrealistic. Would have been much better if it was just a cut scene. Maybe then it could have been even more gory and horrific (which is always good).

borgome3204d ago

I just thought it was a short crappy level, that's it.

kaveti66163203d ago

This article is several weeks too late, and even then it would be a crappy irrelevant article.

ASSASSYN 36o3203d ago

I enjoyed mowing down helpless targets in the airport. My only regret was it didn't last longer.

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